Conversations with Big Rich

Meet the Browns on Episode 118

July 07, 2022 Guest Wyatt Brown Season 3 Episode 118
Conversations with Big Rich
Meet the Browns on Episode 118
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The Brown family of Oklahoma has become a rock-crawling staple. Meet the family, Wyatt and Christina, and their boys, Landen and Gunnar. Landen is already a champion rockcrawler, Gunnar won’t be far behind. We love hanging out with these kids, polite and respectful, yet full of energy and daring. Parents and grandparents, listen up, there are opportunities for the youngsters.

4:14 – I had no business being in her shed

11:14 – had a blast watching guys go through cones

18:17 – going so fast, my right leg blew off

27:20 – she shoots, I shoot, and only one of us hit it, and that’d be her 

35:03 – BOOM!  Big ol’ mushroom cloud comes outta that thing…

48:55 – that’s when they found the tumor

58:33 – I like that ninja that shoots ice out of his hands; let’s name it SubZero

1:13:38 – that’s how Thunder Nation started

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[00:00:53.790] - Wyatt Brown

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[00:01:47.050] - Big Rich Klein

All right, on today's episode of Conversations with Big Rich, we have Wyatt Brown and his wife Christina. We are going to be talking about their life. Start with Wyatt and work into Christina and the family. They're the parents of Landen and Gunnar. We're going to talk about their family and their journey and offroad and how they've got to where they're at now. With Landen driving Thunder Nation and with Gunnar getting the older buggy, Landon's first buggy Subzero. So thank you guys for coming on board and spending some time with us and talking about your history and that of the kids.


[00:02:30.430] - Christina Brown

Thank you, rich


[00:02:31.480] - Wyatt Brown

Yeah, absolutely. Thank you.


[00:02:33.560] - Big Rich Klein

So let's jump right in. And Wyatt, where were you born and raised?


[00:02:40.030] - Wyatt Brown

All right, I was born in Claremore, Oklahoma, in 1987 at the Claremore IHS Indian Hospital in Claremore. I was moved all over, primarily around the northeast side of Oklahoma. Spent a lot of time. I was home schooled through third grade or up into third grade. My mom homeschooled me. I went to Olga Elementary School for about six months and we transferred to Bartlesville, where I spent the remaining 3rd, fourth and fifth grade there. Then I transferred to Dewey Elementary School, went 6th half through 6th. We transferred to Ferry six, 7th and 8th. And my mom and dad, we moved around a lot because the job is changing and whatnot. We lived on about a ten acre farm there in Sperry. Mom and dad got divorced during my 8th grade year. So to me, I took it pretty hard so I quit paying attention to school. Didn't pay attention to really anything anymore other than just running off in the woods, shooting things with my shotgun, just being a country boy, so to speak, out there on the land. I failed my 8th grade year, so I had to redo that. But at that time, we transferred I still live with my mom.


[00:04:14.060] - Wyatt Brown

I transferred over to Claremore, so I redid 8th grade there. I did 8th and 9th grade at Claremore. And then about that time when I was living at the Sperry house, when mom and dad are still together, I remember running up and down the creek banks of Bird Creek, and I found in a little shed, 1978, it 175 Yamaha dirt bike. And I ran home, and it's all in a little shed there at this lady's house. And I had no business being in her shed, but I've seen the tire when I was running up down the river, running up down the creek. And of course, that spiked my interest. Here I am, 12/13 years old, and wanted to know what that was. So dad told me to go knock on the door. Next thing I know, I'm pushing it home for $150. So dad got it running. I remember my 13th birthday. That was my present to my present. Dad got the old dirt bike running. I remember a whole bunch of people being at the house, but I didn't care. I didn't pay no attention because all I did was burn fuel. I rode and road all day long.


[00:05:36.730] - Wyatt Brown

That's what I just picked up. Love doing well from there. Mom and dad got divorced just shortly after that. And so my dirt bike kept breaking. Of course, dad wasn't there anymore at the house. He was living in West Tulsa now. So we moved with my mom, moved to Claremore. I did 8th grade again there, and I did 9th grade. Well, then Dad's like, hey, at that time I'm still riding dirt bikes. Dad got me at 19 because I was already past the skill level of the old 1 75. So now I'm riding this KX 125. Well, there's a track that opened up just which is really crazy story, but the track that I grew up riding on is only half a mile from where I work now, okay? It's just weird how things happen. But my shop I work for Lighthouse Electric, is not even half a mile to a mile away from the track. And I grew up riding dirt bikes on, so I wore out that 125. So Dad's like, hey, remember, I'm still in with my mom. Dad's like, hey, let's get you a new one. He seeing how much I was trying.


[00:07:03.370] - Wyatt Brown

Of course, it was early. Two thousand s, and everybody else is on brand new bikes, the best of everything. And here I am just struggling to I'm getting the whole shot and then I'm coming off the track completely drenched in sweat because I'm trying so hard. It's just I can't run with them. I can't run with them. So right about that time, dad had back surgery and they messed up on a surgery. So he got a big settlement from them. And we went to Oklahoma City and bought a brand new, about a year old Yamaha YCU 50 F. They just came out with the 254 strokes. I think that was the second year or something I got, and me and him went out to Appalachia Bay here in Oklahoma. I skipped school on a Friday, went out there and we rode all day long just to get used to the bike. We went back Saturday night for the races, and at that point, when we left the start line, that's the last time I seen anybody I took off and ran away from them. The same group of kids I raced previous that week, too.


[00:08:17.730] - Wyatt Brown

I couldn't even catch them. But now that I'm on this new bike, I took off and left the same group of kids.





[00:08:23.890] - Wyatt Brown

So that was when I decided I really want to start racing. So I'm still living with mom while I finished my 9th grade year. I moved, transferred to West Hall. So moving with dad now. I'm going my sophomore year. We're riding dirt bikes every weekend. I'm playing football. I was always in athletics. I always played football, played baseball. I only wrestled one match. But I would mainly do wrestling with them just to stay in shape, stay in cardio during the winter, right? And so I was big into working out, so to speak, running. I hated running, but I needed to run so I can stay in shape, to stay on the track. So I raised motocross. All through high school. We met a big group of guys that were just kind of like your hangout group, so to speak, that love riding dirt bikes. We'd always had a group of maybe 10/15 guys, maybe 20. Sometimes we all go places. Whether it was Keystone, Damage, Bay, didn't matter. We'd always ride together. Or one of those guys. His dad owned an electric company right here in Tulsa and asked me what I was doing after high school.


[00:09:42.480] - Wyatt Brown

And I said, you know, really? Honestly, I haven't even thought about it. I mean, literally, every weekend we were somewhere texas, Arkansas, all over Oklahoma, racing. So he's like, once you come be an electrician, you can still ride, still ride dirt bikes. If you get hurt, get hurt, whatever. At least it's a trade. Absolutely, I'll do that. So that's what I did. I got the electrical trade. When I turned 16. My dad gave me a 1991 Toyota pick up, and that was my daily driver. Drove that thing for all over high school, even a few years afterwards. Well, when I really started liking rock crawling, there would be times again in the early 2000s that me, dad, and my brother and my sister, we'd go spend a few right around my birthday, june 22 to July, whatever that week is. We'd spend a week up there at cherokee state park, right there at grand lake. They got bath not baths, but shower house and everything there. So you sleep in a tent, and you shower. You go to the shower, but we stay there for a full week. Well, I remember there was a rock crawling event down below the dam, and we sat there and washed it and washed it all day long.


[00:11:14.970] - Wyatt Brown

Had a blast watching guys go through the cones, trying to figure out what it was. And I remember this now that I'm thinking about it. There's one truck that really stuck out to me. Actually, there's two. It was like a red blazer looking thing, and the guy was pissed. He ran out of time or something of the other, and he came just to prove a point. He did the course or timed out or something, and then he came back around, got back in line, and just laid it on the floor and bounced through the whole thing. I remember that stuck out a lot. And there's another one. John sumner had a toyota pickup that looked like a back. And so, of course, we had that toyota pickup of dads, and I was like, man, we ought to make that into one. It looked the same. It looked real cool. So that's when I really liked off roading. But we're also racing every weekend, and so that was primarily my goal at that time. Well, I turned pro, so we were traveling all over, like I said, and to run on that level, you have to be in shape.


[00:12:31.690] - Wyatt Brown

I mean, there's no doubt about it. So there's three times I broke my leg back to back to back. I'd heal up, go out, break it again, practicing or racing or whatever, but it was almost back to back to back. Luckily, at that time, I was already out of high school. So now, luckily, the company I was working for said, hey, I told you from the get go, you want to race and you got to pay for your stuff. Somehow. The last injury I had was my collarbone. At that point, I realized I'm tired of getting hurt, and I can't make a living obviously being hurt. No one's going to pay for my stuff. There's no way I can have fun and enjoy myself. So that's when I hung up the dirt box. And around about that same time, before I got hung up, the dirt box I had, and I saved up enough money to get me an f 250. And a buddy of mine left his welder at the shop or at that place. And so I started cutting up that 91, my solid axle, swapped it, twin transfer, cased it, and that was my little rock crawler.


[00:13:47.280] - Wyatt Brown

So we'd go down below grand all the time and go wheeling and just have a blast, have a lot of fun.


[00:13:54.650] - Big Rich Klein

Let's give Christina a chance. Christina, can you enlighten us on your upbringing? I learned a lot this last weekend hanging out with you guys.


[00:14:07.470] - Christina Brown

I was taken away when I was four, and I have five siblings. I had two other siblings, but they died of starvation and drive. So I got taken away when I was four. My amazing parents adopted me when I was eight. They adopted all five of us. So my mom adopted my first brother, my oldest brother James, with her ex husband, and then my dad, Bubba, adopted six. Okay. We always went camping. I started working when I was 15, and from there I don't know, it's just my life. I don't know. I can't remember all of it. Sorry.


[00:14:56.620] - Big Rich Klein

That's all right. That's okay.


[00:14:58.540] - Christina Brown

I played sports one time. I think I played basketball my 7th, 8th grade year. I think my whole life is just trying to figure out who I was. So I met him, Wyatt, and from there, it's just been amazing.


[00:15:10.890] - Big Rich Klein

Excellent, excellent. And I have to give Bubba and your mom a lot of credit for taking you guys all in. That's quite amazing.


[00:15:26.710] - Christina Brown

And it takes special people to do that, for sure.


[00:15:31.330] - Big Rich Klein

Absolutely. So then, Wyatt, after the Toyota, you've got that, and then you have the F 250. So you were able to build up the Toyota and you hang up the bikes, racing bikes. Where did you go from there?


[00:15:53.110] - Wyatt Brown

All right, so one thing I want to touch on real quick. When I was living in Bordersville, I was in third grade. In fact, now it kind of reminds me that's where Landon's at now. Landon is expecting to go to fourth grade. So I was kind of the same age as him right now. But dad had an old CJ Five with an AMC 360 with 33 inch tires that we would go and hunt out of. Me and dad would go hunt out of. We would go run river bottoms. We'd get with a group of his buddies, go mud bogging all the time. And with the big motor in that little tub, I don't think there was one time that we ever got stuck. When he would light the tires up, that thing would almost come up out of the water and float. It was a lot of fun. And I remember helping put the motor in. I remember wrenching with him, and then everything else just kind of turns into a kind of a haze. Like, me and him always went fishing together. We did everything, and then everything seemed to get hectic, and everything else kind of just turned into a haze.


[00:16:58.050] - Wyatt Brown

I don't remember a whole lot other just starting dirt bikes when I was pushing that, like, my memory kind of just fades away. And then it comes back. When he gave me that check, take that, lady for $150 for that dirt bike. And then everything comes back into play. So now I just hung up my bikes. I cut my Toyotaup. I'm starting to get into that. I just hung up my bikes. I've got my toy to pick up, got it maxed out to what I think it needs. Then I need to I'm wanting something else. I sold all the bikes except for one. And I found an R One crossrocket. And I remember loading it up in the back of my truck, drove it all the way up there not too far, just about an hour away from the house, and unloaded my dirt bike out of the back of the truck. And I'm looking at this R One, and I've always wanted one. I've always wanted to rock it. Dad had them when I was a little kid. In fact, there's stories. I remember sitting on the tank of Dad's bike, watching that speedometer Cross 165.





[00:18:17.470] - Wyatt Brown

I mean, it's not the smartest of things to do, but I'm still here. He's still here. That's what happened. I remember holding on to him behind him, going so fast, my right leg blew off. And I remember him reaching back, grabbed my leg, putting it back on the pegs, and he sold them two weeks after that. He had two of them. He had two ZX ten Ninjas, okay? And so when I brought that R One home, he literally looked me in the eyes and said, you are going to take what you do on the dirt to the street and I'll never see you again. He cried right there. And he said, you park it in the shop, and you do not come get it until you have insurance. Wool jacket and helmet, of course, me being me, the very next day, I had all that. So I pushed it out of the shop. Pushed it out of the shop. And I think there was about a week or two that we didn't talk. And dad didn't talk. He was that scared. I have a question.


[00:19:33.550] - Christina Brown

So did you even ask her? Dad? Hey, Dad, I'm going to get this bike. What do you think? Did you even talk to your dad before?


[00:19:42.530] - Wyatt Brown

I think I mentioned it, and then I wanted an R One so bad. He was all against it, obviously. But I just did it. Well, I'm over 18, and of course, he got me make dumb decisions. But thankfully, he was dead set on the money. I was splitting cars. I remember coming home for Broken Arrow after a trade school. Since I'm an electrician, the first company I worked for put me through this. It's called Associated Builders Contractor School. It was one night a week for four years. I remember coming home down I 44, and there was some chicks and a Mustang beside me. And we're cruising along. They punched it, and so I rolled the throttle on, and here we are coming across Arkansas River, and we're doing over 100. And I back off and I'm downshift once and I just pinned it about that time. They're rolling pretty quick. I bet they're about 110 or so. And I'm coming up on them really fast. I backed off and here I come, I'm going to scream by them. All of a sudden I see brake lights and I see a highway patrol officer sitting off to the right, and the Mustang lit the brake lights up, and I didn't.


[00:21:15.310] - Wyatt Brown

I shifted again and just took off. I went on to the house and parked it and sold it. Two weeks later, or traded it two weeks later. I was doing 100 miles wheels down the highway. Like, dad was not wrong at all. He was dead set, right? I was going to be dead or in jail, one or the other.


[00:21:36.240] - Big Rich Klein

But you came to that conclusion before you became an organ donor.


[00:21:42.300] - Wyatt Brown

Correct. That changed everything. When I passed that highway patrol officer, I know I was doing over at least 140 miles an hour. I know I was. And especially I got off the highway, took the back roads all the way back to the apartment as quick as I could, threw it in the garage, and that's where it's at. So then back when Craigslist was really popping, I found this. In fact, now it's a Blazer. The guy took all the shell off, had a full roll cage put on it, put a four seater on it, still had the half ton axles underneath it, 350 turbo, 350. I think it was 208 behind it. I picked it up, I traded the R one for it, and at that time, I still have my Toyota. Went and picked it up, got it home, and then realized that this is the direction I want to go. So I stupidly, I wish I still had it, but I stupidly sold that Toyota just to fund my next project. And so from there, it went one time swaps to one time swaps to add all kinds of other parts and everything that goes all in line with that shop, everything.


[00:23:04.770] - Wyatt Brown

At that time, I'm living in the Paulpa now. I don't work for that company I work for that allowed me to race dirt bikes with them. I'm now working for another one. That the company I'm working with now in Oso. That's so strange. It's just only half mile away from where I grew up riding dirt bikes. So I just thought that was kind of odd.


[00:23:30.270] - Big Rich Klein

Is that track still there?


[00:23:32.150] - Wyatt Brown

That track is still there. In fact, I had somebody last night asked me if I wanted to take the boys over there and go riding today. Since the weather's yesterday, I think the index was 110. And right now it's 80, 88. And so they were all wanting to go ride today. But now that baseball season is over, baseball season ended yesterday. We had games every night this week, we had something to do. It's been non stop running and gunning for a couple of months now, and so we're doing housework today. Much needed housework, being an adult. Yeah, we got to do adult stuff today. It's not fun. I hate adulting, but I had to put them off, which, you know, I'm not going to lie. I've got another bike here. Boys got bikes. I wanted to go ride, but we got stuff to do. So now I'm working for this company in Owaso, lighthouse Electric, like I mentioned. Been with them for twelve years. I was working at a paper plant there in Bixby, running some power for something. I don't really remember, but me and the guys would always go eat there in Bixby.


[00:24:50.050] - Wyatt Brown

We'd always find a restaurant and just go sit down and eat real quick and get back to work. Well, that's where I met Christina. She was working at this Scott hamburger joint there in Dixby, and her friend slipped me her number because we went in there multiple times and she's seen me multiple times. I've seen her multiple times, and we'd always just, you know, hi, how are you? And that's pretty much the gist of it. Well, then, like I said, her friend put me her number.


[00:25:13.750] - Big Rich Klein

So she made the first move, her friend did.


[00:25:17.040] - Wyatt Brown

Her friend.


[00:25:18.150] - Big Rich Klein

The friend got her number and made sure it was okay.


[00:25:22.890] - Wyatt Brown

Oh, no.


[00:25:25.830] - Christina Brown

She was my best friend. We work together. Scott is more like a family. All of us felt like family together.


[00:25:33.490] - Big Rich Klein



[00:25:37.270] - Wyatt Brown

Her friend Tanya come up and said, hey, don't tell Christina I did this, but she really likes you, and here's her number.


[00:25:44.390] - Big Rich Klein

I'm like, Okay, yeah, that's okay.


[00:25:47.770] - Wyatt Brown

And so she had no idea. So when I texted her, she knew who it was. But I don't think she was like, Tanya, why?


[00:25:53.820] - Christina Brown

It just texted me, how the heck did you get my number?


[00:25:59.390] - Wyatt Brown

That's where that kicked off.


[00:26:00.780] - Christina Brown

I would even do my hair, because, you guys know, I don't hardly do my hair. My hair is natural, curly, so it's hardly down. And so I would actually fix my hair if he was coming in that Monday or Wednesday. You actually came in and do my makeup. I don't ever do my makeup.


[00:26:17.690] - Wyatt Brown

Of course, the day she would do that, I wouldn't come in.


[00:26:20.300] - Christina Brown



[00:26:24.390] - Wyatt Brown

I'd always come in on the day. She thought she looked the worst. But anyway, so we met. I text her immediately after I got the number. I actually waited until I got off work, then I text her. And then our first date, in fact, within my buggy on our phone conversation and stuff, she told me she likes bow fishing. Well, that's another thing I did. Growing up below grand, when we go spend weeks at a time or week long, there camping, we take our bowfish and rigs, me, my brother, my sister and dad, and we'd all go bowfish. The pools blow. Grand.


[00:27:06.790] - Christina Brown

And I did four wheeling with my best friend Mary. Mary came to the last ewee rocks, but I used to go mudding with them and their four wheelers and stuff on the house. But I've never been rock crawling, so it was the first for me.





[00:27:20.290] - Wyatt Brown

And so I talked around and I said, Hey, let's go rock crawling. And she's like, Well, I like, Bow. Somehow or the other. I'm like, you have a bow fishing set up? She's like, no. So she borrowed a friend, Mary's. And so, of course, I took mine. And we're down there. We're willing below grand and having fun and we're hoodie weather. So I pull off in one of it's in fall. So I pull off in one of these pools, and I've got 44 inch tires. And so the water is about two or three inches from coming over the top of it. Well, I pull down the pool and I stop and she gets her both fish and set up. I got mine, and we're standing on each front tire or whatever, and we both seen a fish. She shoots, I shoot, and only one of us hit it, and that'd be her. Of course, I put my bow down and I had more fun watching her shoe fish. Then obviously I couldn't hit him.


[00:28:19.870] - Christina Brown

I only said because I beat him. But he says, just because I like to watch shoes.


[00:28:25.510] - Big Rich Klein

It's a win win.


[00:28:27.130] - Wyatt Brown

Yeah, it is a win win.


[00:28:29.410] - Christina Brown

It was a great time.


[00:28:30.470] - Wyatt Brown

So that was our first date.


[00:28:32.590] - Big Rich Klein

Now that's a good redneck first date.


[00:28:39.830] - Christina Brown

Shopping or anything. I just rather be out.


[00:28:42.190] - Wyatt Brown

Yeah. Be outdoors.


[00:28:44.290] - Big Rich Klein



[00:28:46.130] - Christina Brown

I think I shocked you by, like some part happened and you needed your tools and you were under, and I was like, okay, what tools do you need? And I was helping you. I think you were so shocked.


[00:28:56.470] - Wyatt Brown

Yeah. During our first date, I had a three length in front of my Buggy at the time. Well, the old Chevy are C channel, so to speak. The framerates are C channel.





[00:29:12.190] - Wyatt Brown

And it ripped the whole thing off. Like, just the panhard bar got ripped off when it went down. A little climb. Well, I didn't notice it until I'm pulling into the campground up at Hogan's and Russ looks at me, hey, your front axle is sticking way off to the side. And I've mid welded plenty of times, but I've never stick welded. Anyways, here I am trying to because that's the only machine you had. And I'm trying to stick with this thing back together. We got ratchet strapstrung everywhere. And finally I was like, Russ, we come over here. I couldn't get it. I couldn't get it. It was just frustrating and embarrassing to me. And it was a bad little combo. I said, Russ, I'll buy lunch if you just burn this in for me. So he did. He welded in for me. He was like, all right, y'all kids go play. So we went and got lunch, brought it back, and here you go. Anyway, that was our first date. So went from there, and then we bought our first house six months in. Bought our first house. We were together six months, but it was just one of those.


[00:30:27.630] - Wyatt Brown

Everything just felt so natural. Just our relationship. It was just I don't know, never been apart, really. So bought our first house six months. Yeah. Then life got crazy. I started breaking axle shafts with those one tons. So her and I found some rock wheels after a buddy talked me into going that route down in South Austin. So one day after work it's got.


[00:31:03.160] - Big Rich Klein

To be great when you have friends that are willing to talk you into spending more money and building something stronger.


[00:31:11.070] - Wyatt Brown

Yeah, that is very true. We drove all the way down to Austin, Texas. We left somewhere around mid or about 11:00 or so on a Friday night. This guy was closing up his off road shop. I don't remember his name. I just remember it was in South Austin. And went down there, picked up the set for $600 plus a bunch pile of other parts. We met him at a shop at 630 that morning. Saturday morning, we drove all the way back home, so we didn't stop to sleep or nothing. We just drove and came back. Then we started the axle swap. And then around about that time, it's got to be in lanin was born in May of 2013. So right around there, I still had actually hold on. Back up a little bit. So I asked her to marry me at the 2012 John Sutherland's Big Meat Run. At that time, I said, that the old school 350 in that truck, or whatever you want to call it, just a pile of tube is all it was. So when we moved in together and got our first house, she switched professions. She went to a Phlebotomist there at St.


[00:32:38.700] - Wyatt Brown

Francis, drew patients blood and whatnot. It was at the Big Meat Run. I had it all set up at 2012. We were at Little Blue State Park. Had a bunch of all our friends there. She had to work, I think, half of the day or something, and she was bringing some more friends with her. But we had all had it all set up. I was going to ask her to marry me. Had her parents there, my dad there.


[00:33:00.450] - Christina Brown

My parents didn't know.


[00:33:02.430] - Wyatt Brown

Her parents didn't know, but her dad knew. Because I did the right thing. I asked her dad, can have I your permission? Of course. He was all in. She wasn't happy when she got there. To get there, little Blue, just because I was impatient. And I decided to drive across the water hole. That turned out to be a heck of a lot deeper than I thought. And I was waiting in line for everybody else, but I got impatient and just like, I'm going to make my own line while I sunk the thing.


[00:33:30.690] - Big Rich Klein

Everybody else knew that the hole was deeper.


[00:33:33.630] - Wyatt Brown

Yeah, everybody else knew.


[00:33:35.030] - Christina Brown

So when I was at the hospital, there's no point in me coming. There's no point in me bringing if we can't drive it, there's no reason. And they're like, no, our friend Sherry is like, I'm the only girl here. You got to come. Like, they were just trying and trying, and now I know.


[00:33:49.650] - Wyatt Brown

So we got the buggy out.


[00:33:54.630] - Christina Brown



[00:33:54.890] - Wyatt Brown

A drug over there back off in the bushes off where I can't say it was. And I hopped in truck, went to O'Reilly's there in Bonita. Went to O'Reilly's bonita spent about five $600 in just oil changes and transmission flood changes. And I sat there and I changed it would run it for a little bit, blew all the water out on the cylinders first. I mean did everything you're supposed to do when you do something like idiotic as I did, get all the chocolate milk and strawberry milk out of it. And it was a very good weekend after that, I surprised her. We got it running and then, of course, everybody's standing around and she was sitting beside her mom. And honestly, just to look on her face, I'll never forget it. But it got her go by complete shock. She had no idea. It was awesome.


[00:35:02.240] - Christina Brown

They didn't.


[00:35:03.040] - Wyatt Brown

And then rest is history. Our lives started moving really good now back to we got our first house together. We're living there in Liberty. After I sunk the buggy, every part on that thing would not hold oil. It was leaking from everywhere, but it still ran. So at that time we had some friends moving from one place to the next and they had this old big bus, big motorhome, and they just put a brand new long block 454 in it, bought the motor home from them, brought it home. Me and Bubba ripped all the stuff out of it, sold everything off of it that we could, scrapped it all completely. And all I had was down to the captain's chair, the steering wheel, and the fuel tank in the back and the motor up front. The only thing out of the entire thing that I wanted was just the motor. It's a brand new 454 to have less than thousand miles on it. And here Christina comes out of the house and it was kind of a downward downhill driveway, gravel driveway. And I drilled a bunch of holes in the fuel tanks and popped the fuel pump out.


[00:36:31.110] - Wyatt Brown

And I'm drinking gas into these five gallon buckets because we did a lot of clearing in the back of our little two acre property. And we had a big brush, big burn pile stuck up. So I started pouring all the old gas in that burn pump. Well, here she comes out with landing on her hip and said, hey, she seemed to get the plasma cutter out. She's like, I would not do that. And I'm like, fine. The fuel tanks weigh the back there. All I got to do is cut some brackets out of here, and then the motor is pretty much ready to come out and just got to push it in the shop and get it out of there. She's like, okay, whatever. So she turns around and starts going back to the house. Well, I lit the arc on the plasma cutter, and sure enough, one arc jumped up, landed about halfway between here and the fuel tank. I didn't know it, but there was a in the grass, there was a stream of fuel that was running towards the shop. So, of course, the spark hits the grass and just took off, went into the five gallon bucket, up the stream, into the fuel tank, and just exploded.


[00:37:37.750] - Wyatt Brown

Just boom. Big old mushroom cloud came out of that thing. It was loud. It was exciting. Yeah, I wish we would have had cameras at the time. It would have been a great one. Especially her talent be like, I told you so, like, not even five minutes before it happened. That's why they say women live longer than men. Yeah, that happened, being that living out there in the rural community that we were at. Realized how long the fire department took because somebody called them Christina ran gunner across the street, or I'm sorry, landing across the street, and my neighbor come over and start telling me to put it out. Well, we're trying to use water, and gas is just traveling on top of the water, running right towards the shop. So I start panicking. We start everything we could to put it out. Well, then I seen a fire extinguisher right behind the seat that was still in the bus, what was left of it. And so, luckily, there was enough charge in that thing, it put the fire out. Well, it had to be at least 25, 30 minutes. And an old buddy of mine come driving on the road, and he worked for the fire department, and he said, no, they haven't even dispatched nothing.


[00:39:07.350] - Wyatt Brown

So living out there, I'm glad we're able to get it out, or it would not have been very good at all. It's been a bad deal. So we get all that put out, got the motor pulled out, got it put in the buggy, and right after that, now that Landon's here, right after that happened, once I got that project wrapped up, got the motor in the buggy, I also did a two or five doubler right behind the turbo 350. So now it's a lot heavier, especially with Rockwells and everything else. I didn't do my own double. I put it together myself. So I'm still learning all the mechanics and how everything goes together. So now Atlanta's here, I want to build my stroller. So I built this little stroller. You push, and you can steer it from behind, turn the front wheels. And first, I had little electric fans on, little Led lights on the front and rear, so it looked like a little vehicle, so to speak.


[00:40:17.110] - Christina Brown

And he had to have fans because you know how Oklahoma weather is hot.


[00:40:21.090] - Big Rich Klein

Yeah, we just experienced that, didn't we?


[00:40:24.210] - Christina Brown



[00:40:27.810] - Wyatt Brown

In fact, it was June of 2013 in fact, it was June of 2013 when we took Landon. Of course, he's only a few months old, but we had a birthday party to go to at the zoo. And like, well, we're taking a baby stroller. Have to. So took the baby stroller and had some friends of ours wrap it for me. In fact, the ones that had the bus that I got from them, they had a graphics company. They wrapped it and called it the extreme daddy stroller. So we go to the zoo. We push them all around the expo, all around the zoo. Whatnot? Go in and out of every building except for they would not allow me to take it into the monkey exhibit. And I asked lady, why not? And she's like, trust me, you don't want to go down that road, I guess. Apparently, monkeys will freak out, and they'll just start chunking crap at you.


[00:41:24.210] - Big Rich Klein

I grew up fairly close to the zoo in San Francisco, and one of our favorite things when we'd go to the zoo was to sit there near the monkey exhibits and watch them fling stuff at the tourists. People are coming. Oh, look at the monkeys splat right.


[00:41:45.760] - Wyatt Brown

On the side of the head.


[00:41:46.860] - Big Rich Klein

Yeah, they were good shots, too.


[00:41:50.370] - Wyatt Brown

I've got a lot of practice with everybody going in and out of them thing. So, yeah, we go through that. We built the stroller. We took that thing everywhere. That were some outdoor event or whatever. That thing was definitely an attention getter. So now I'm watching. Landon would sit on my lap for hours on ends. We'd watch YouTube videos, rock Cullen videos, rock bouncer videos. We've watched hours on end because he was always around riding the buggy.


[00:42:28.430] - Christina Brown

And at such a young age, he paid such attention to the screen and the noises. That's what shocked us. We didn't even think a baby that.


[00:42:39.390] - Wyatt Brown

Little would even be using his face. When you turn on him, turn on a video and bug, you just getting after it. His face, he had drool hanging out, just mouth poured.


[00:42:53.270] - Big Rich Klein

So he drove hanging out. He was taken after you, then.


[00:42:59.310] - Wyatt Brown

I mean, he was fist pumping. Like, he was just, like, so into it. Like, there's a video on my Facebook that once we did the big block swap, he was standing in the driver's seat, and I said, all right, buddy, let's start the buggy. And we started it up, and his face was just like, oh, yeah. He's the one that pushed it and started it. But when it lit like, he was like, oh, yeah, just excited.


[00:43:30.090] - Christina Brown

I want to bring up a point where you were talking about noises. So I had loud pipes. I had an F 150 truck. That was my first truck. And I had loud exhaust pipes. And so that's what Landon heard for nine months, too. Well, Landon was screaming one day, and we were about to leave, and so he started my truck to cool off. And Landon was quiet. He didn't cry again. And so I think the noises really did relaxing.


[00:43:56.920] - Wyatt Brown

I mean, it was just that sound, that humble, just relaxing. And so that was his happy place. Well, now that we got the stroller, we got him one of these little Ranger UTV Power wheels from Atwoods. And as soon as we brought it home, we unboxed it. Now, Landon is about two years old or so, so we unboxed it. And immediately, I didn't like the little plastic roll cage that was on it. So me and him took the unscrewed roll cage, and he watched, but unscrewed roll cage. And then I built him a little aftermarket one that he ain't going to roll that thing, but it's going to look cool when he's driving down a road or whatever, right? We booked a little cage for it, and then he was getting stuck in the grass all the time. So I come up with a little idea. I took a bicycle tire. I cut it in half, and I wrapped around the plastic wheels in the back and just screwed it into the plastic wheels. And he never got stuck again. He can drive across the gravel, grass, mud, didn't matter. It didn't spin. It just grabbed and go.


[00:45:13.830] - Wyatt Brown

In fact, there was one video, it's either on mine or hers, but he was driving through a mud hole in the back of the property. And he was going forward and back, forward and back, forward and back. And then the little razor deal died on him. And he looked back, he was like so at that point, we're still playing around, of course, watching YouTube videos and stuff. Well, I've seen this little video of a little boy in a little single seat. I think it has narrowed Samra axles, or might have been just stock. I don't remember. But it was like a little Jeep looking thing. And I thought it was the coolest. I thought it was super cool. I've got a build landing one. So I started sourcing parts, started gathering up all my parts. So at that time, we get around to 2017. Gunner just got born, or was born May 5, and then Landon just turned 4, May 24. But we kind of went from landon started riding dirt bikes when he was three. He got his first race in February of 2017 when he was three years old. I had to lie on the entry form because it said the beginner class is four to six.


[00:46:53.030] - Wyatt Brown

So I had him on the line with all these other kids and was telling him, get the whole shot, get the whole shot and just have fun. And sure enough, if you're go on my Facebook page, there's a video of him just launching out of the gate. You'll know him when you see him. There's a little exhaust stream right behind him, but he beat everybody out of there. At least 20 foot, 2030 foot, maybe.


[00:47:17.560] - Christina Brown

My memory is correct. I'm pretty sure Landon was racing his big red Honda at Ganderbald when he was before that three.


[00:47:28.270] - Wyatt Brown

Yeah, that's how we knew he had.


[00:47:33.510] - Christina Brown

He was already racing before that on.


[00:47:35.420] - Wyatt Brown

The yeah, you're right. And then we got in the KTM 50 for that Christmas. So Landon was driving riding dirt bikes, I guess, with no training wheels. Probably the end of summer when he was three.





[00:47:53.850] - Wyatt Brown

Yeah, it had to be in the summer because it was hot when I brought the little PW. Hunt. He was driving drop bikes before then.


[00:48:03.030] - Christina Brown

He said, on training wheel at two and a half.


[00:48:05.030] - Wyatt Brown

Yeah, I had him on training wheels on a little Honda 50 when he was two and a half. And he knew that they're all control and the kill switch, because I'm pretty.


[00:48:13.200] - Christina Brown

Sure I was on my way home from work, and he called and said, mum, I did it without training wheels, or something happened. I was like, you can't be doing that while I'm not there. I always wanted to get there. You can't do anything when I'm not home. I want to see.


[00:48:34.550] - Wyatt Brown

So when Gunner got here, May 5, at that time, dirt bike driving and everything kind of slowing down because some medical issues we're going through with Christina. She's had three brain surgeries. The first one coming in, Lincoln was eleven months old.


[00:48:55.430] - Christina Brown

It was 2014, April of 2014. So it was about three months before they found the tumor. I was a phlebotomist at St. Francis, and my arm would go numb. The first time I was walking in the station, I still remember the floor and everything. And my arm, I could not move. It was the weirdest thing. And I called my lead, and I'm like, hey, Jeremy, somebody's going to have to come draw the patient. I can't draw. And he's like, Christian, stop playing. I'm like, I'm not playing. I can't move my arm. I'm right handed. My right arm goes down. I can't stick a patient. And so it just went on randomly, but my armpit would sweat. Just my right arm, not my left arm. And I had the nerve ending test, and my arm done. And that neurologist said that everything's normal. You're have to live with it. And I was like, I'm a phlebotomist. I can't have my arm going down taking these patients. And so I want to say that was March, and then that following next month. Is when we found the tumor. And so that tumor was pressing so hard that's what was my arm was going down.


[00:50:08.820] - Christina Brown

It was on the left side of my head. So that side affects your right side. Your right of your brain affects your left side. And as you can tell, I get shaky talking about it because it's such an emotion. I couldn't move my arm after surgery, so I was in the hospital for a month. I mean, it's still a baby. I couldn't go home with them. So that was a struggle. So I fought so hard, they wouldn't let me leave until I could move some motion in my hand. So Land and still diapers bottles.


[00:50:45.510] - Wyatt Brown

So we're at Easter Sunday with their mom. That's when it happened. I think it happened in front of her mom. So that's when her mom scooped up, they went to the hospital, and that's when they did the scan on her head and seen that and say, hey, we got to get it in there now. And so that's when I did the first surgery.


[00:51:05.990] - Christina Brown

And my mom's dad died of aneurysm, which I'm adopted, but her dad died of aneurysm, so she was scared. Her sister died of aneurysm and died being nine months pregnant, lost her and the baby. So she's done. She's like, I'm taking you. I'm not waiting any longer. And then after that after that, she.


[00:51:28.520] - Wyatt Brown

Had another surgery done, because after that first one, she was having excruciating headaches.


[00:51:33.910] - Christina Brown

Couldn't and I didn't have headaches before. The doctor thinks that tumor was in there since I was born. But getting pregnant with Landon, the hormones they thought made it grow faster is a Mengioma atypical grade two. And so it's a hormone tumor, I believe. Yeah, I never had headaches before. They went back in the second time thinking that there was a tumor left over or something, and they said there was just dry blood. So nothing got no answers there. Every year since that surgery, since that surgery, I've had headaches. And so when I got pregnant with Gunner, they did a scan, fat scan of leaf and to make sure the tumor wasn't growing back with the hormones of being done. And so that's where they found the Chiari malformation, and that causes pressure, headaches. So they figured that's what was causing my headaches. And so when we found that skin, that Kiara was also back when the tumor was there. So they didn't even catch it back for so many years. So it's just been they did that surgery, and I'm just so much worse, and I have to fight for myself. I can't trust any doctors.


[00:53:03.220] - Christina Brown

I was going to a pain doctor, and when Oklahoma passed the medical marijuana, I've been two years cleaning off my paint pills, and he tried doing injections in my scar. And I don't know what medicine he put, but he puts you out, but not completely to do it. And he said I was fighting him so hard. I had nurses in there, and I was screaming because of all the trauma, I'm guessing. Yeah. I'm sorry. I jumped all over the place.


[00:53:39.880] - Big Rich Klein

It's all right.


[00:53:42.230] - Wyatt Brown

So that's what we were battling for quite some time, just in that whole, you know, timelines from where Landing was a baby to Gunner being born. Now. We were in that stretch. We were going through a lot of health issues.


[00:53:58.320] - Big Rich Klein



[00:53:59.170] - Wyatt Brown

A lot of health issues with her. Now we're good. We're good, so to speak.


[00:54:12.400] - Christina Brown

She's got I think I have a titanium plate in my head. And so they took my bone. They thought it was cancer. So I'm thinking my headaches are from the metal in my head. I've always have. And so, I mean, the other day I was hurting all night, and I'm throwing up at 06:00 in the morning. It just doesn't make sense. Why is my head like this? I had notes in my phone. My memory is not good. And so I feel like there's more things popping up, like signs to me, like, Hey, seriously, it's just me. I guess I feel like signs hitting me and like, hey, don't give up on yourself. This could be what it is.


[00:55:00.080] - Wyatt Brown

So she's thinking, like, the plate and her body is rejecting the plate, which is still causing our headaches.





[00:55:07.410] - Wyatt Brown

So that's where we're at together. That's what we're going through together. We've been dealing with that for quite.


[00:55:18.770] - Christina Brown

Some time, but it hasn't stopped us.


[00:55:22.260] - Wyatt Brown

But it hasn't stopped us from enjoying what we like to do as a family. Outside rock crawling off road, and it's just sports. It's just watching the boys do what they love. We're still fighting, doing what we can for them.





[00:55:44.540] - Wyatt Brown

I was always told, once you have kids, your life is over. You need to live it for. Let your boys have theirs so your kids have theirs. We still have to have fun as adults too. Don't get me wrong. That's not what I mean, but what I mean our main focus is primarily on our boys, making sure they're having fun. When they're having fun. That's all we care about in the world, seeing their faces light up. It doesn't matter what they're doing. So now jump back to gunner was born May 5, and it was the 24th and just turned four. I've got a pile of parts in the shop for the subzero build, so I started building it with help with some friends. We started off with the Honda big red 250 motor to a Suzuki Samurai case to Toyota axles. Got it all set up, got it powder coated and finished. My dad's dad wanted to completely wire it. So once I got it all put back together, we sent it to his shop for a little while. He got it all wired up and brought it back to the house. About two weeks before his fourth Christmas and we're sitting there watching movies from Santa Claus movies to heck, we even watch Mortal Kombat in there.


[00:57:22.410] - Big Rich Klein

That's always a good Christmas movie.


[00:57:28.210] - Wyatt Brown

He liked the Fighting Ninjas and stuff like that. He loved Ninja Turtles, all that stuff. And luckily the Mortal Kombat movie back then wasn't near as vulgar. And, I mean, there was some bad language in there and stuff. But Landon has always had I trust Landon more than I trust anybody. He'll flat out tell me he's never really lied to me. He's cussed one or two times that I know of, but once he knew that, once he knew the good and the bad, I mean, he's always been on the right side. He's always been that way, always.


[00:58:28.870] - Christina Brown

Been so smart.


[00:58:33.850] - Wyatt Brown

So we started. My buggy's name was called The Rock Rhino. And so Landon, you got to come up with your name for your buggy, buddy. What's it going to be? And he said, well, I like the guy on Santa Claus three. It's got frost hair, so maybe frost. And then he's like, well, no, I like the ninja that shoots ice out of his hands. Who's that? And I said, Subzero. Yeah, let's name it Subzero. And so that's where Subzero stuck. He liked the ninja that had ice. And at the time it was cold outside, so it all kind of seemed to fit. All seemed to fit. So when he started, we got the buggy of the house, got it unloaded. And I couldn't wait for Christmas. And so Christina had Gunner on her hip. And we stuck him in the passenger seat because we use car seats as the seats for those. I figured that if a car can survive, kids can survive in a 65 miles car crash. They would be just fine in a car seat in a roll cage. That was my thought on it. There are seven points of attachments that hold that seat into the roll cage, plus the factory harness.


[00:59:51.810] - Wyatt Brown

So you're not going anywhere. That was my thought process on it.





[01:00:00.370] - Wyatt Brown

Landon just started driving since he drove that Ranger UTV power wheels until the wheels, I mean, were bent up. The caster cameras all crazy. He wore that thing smooth out. I couldn't keep batteries charged up enough, so, I mean, it wasn't really that much of a transition. Yeah, it's a lot bigger. But, I mean, same pretty much functions. This time you actually have a break instead of letting off the throttle. But anyway, he got Tory fallouts around quite a bit in the yard. He knew all left right? Gas. It not gas. It kind of new digestive everything. So we took him to the John Sumner's big meat run that following March. And at that time, he was still four years old. And he climbed up the waterfall at night with the huge audience that lit up the whole valley right there. He climbed it up, climbed up it and got out and threw his hands in the air. And it was a loud cheer and I'll never forget it. It was something to be there for sure.


[01:01:17.380] - Big Rich Klein

Playing the crowd at an early age.


[01:01:19.930] - Wyatt Brown

Yes. And then I took him to a mud bog event a few months after that where when I signed him up for it, the guy looked at me like I was crazy. Because here this little kid that just, he's five at the time now, just turned five and he's wanting to run his little subzero through the rock to the mud pits. And so they let him do it. So he started driving through the UTV pits, never got stuck. And so the guy's like, well I'll tell you what, at the end of the show, if he wants to do the big one, he can. There wasn't water in it. It was just sloppy, sloppy, nasty mud. And he went hauling through it and got about three ft from the end and just ran out of power. Just ran out of power. And he's like, Dad, I need more power, more woopow, I can make it.


[01:02:15.850] - Big Rich Klein

That's awesome.


[01:02:17.120] - Wyatt Brown

Or woopal. So just after that, that's when I did some wheeling and dealing and got this Articat 654 wheeler. And I told the guy, look, I don't want the fuller, I just need the motor and the harness and that's fine. So I pulled everything out that I needed and he wanted to back, so I gave back to him. Me and dad took the 650 in the Sub Zero and that's what's still in there today. At that point, landing with more power, he was able to follow us a lot better on the trails. He was willing right with us. Then we took him to an SRS vent right there in Pondville, Missouri, missouri called Rush Springs off Road Park. That's where we met, like Tim Cameron and Scott Goforth and Travis Skeleton and just a whole bunch of nice guys that we're still friends with today or Facebook friends with and such. I mean, that's when we met all them. And then everybody started talking about, hey, you need to get rid of them tires. Or Scott Goforth mentioned, hey, get rid of them tires and get on some axis rock villas. He said it'll open up his traction for sure.


[01:03:41.970] - Wyatt Brown

So he got us hooked up with Maxis and our first contact through with them was a lady named Dean Ruth and she worked with them on the UTV side and she's not with them anymore. But that was our first contact with Maxis. Just kind of mission it. No, he wasn't sponsored at all. Now we were just kind of, hey, here's this little kid that likes to wheel and that's where we're at. Well, once we got them tires put on there, he was able to crawl up the waterfall a heck of a lot easier. It's amazing what comp tires do or sticky tires do compared to just regular tires.





[01:04:33.730] - Wyatt Brown

I and myself could not believe it. So then we're at that SRS event and we're talking, and they let Lennon run the crowd. They let him kind of do a little lap on one of their little courses, kind of just a little expedition kind of thing. And somebody in the stand said, how does he do commands? And I said, no, he does great. He listens. Everything else. That's when they mentioned, have you ever heard of We Rock? Because we were talking about rock trawling and stuff. And I said, No, I never have. So then that's why I looked it up and I was like, Heck, it could be worth a shot. So that's when I believe I contacted you. And it might have been January, February, it might have been a little earlier than that. And you told me, Hey, get the window nets, get all the safety equipment that we need and bring him down to Mexico, Texas. And he'll put him in a class. And that's where we met you and Shelley and the whole We Rock family, so to speak. And it's been a heck of a lot of fun learning experiences.


[01:05:51.230] - Big Rich Klein

You've done really well. I know that that first phone call that we had, we talked about I said, Let's do this. But having coached young kids and seen parents around their sports, I always got really turned off with parents that yelled and screamed at their kids. And I can remember saying, if you get out of hand, I'm pulling you out because it's not good for the kids. And you've done a really good job on course with Landon over the years with him and communicating with him and getting him to do what needs to be done without losing your temper, without yelling and screaming. It's really good to see that. You've done well. You've done well.


[01:06:55.630] - Wyatt Brown

Thank you very much. That was always my I see that happening. I see it all the time. In fact, I see it in baseball all the time. I know exactly what you're talking about. In fact, back when I used Rachel Motocross all the time. I've seen it all the time. There it is, every sport. It does every sport. And the only time I'll get on to him and it may get out of line, but the only time I will is when he is in the driver's seat and not paying attention. That is the only time that I'll get on to him if he's not focused on what he's supposed to be doing. Because just as well as I do, there are crowds everywhere. There's people everywhere. There's many list of things that can go wrong, right, that he needs to be fully aware of. And so when we're in the driver's seat, it's all attention or we're not driving.


[01:07:55.410] - Big Rich Klein

Right? And that's one reason that I required the kill switches, is so that if there was that distracted moments, sometimes I wish I had kill switches on the adults and me with a big board and all the killer laid out on there so I could just all right, I'm done with that.


[01:08:28.710] - Wyatt Brown

Yes, we did our first course, and I remember you I can't remember if we were on top. I think our first one was on top of the hill where Landon was. I believe that was our first one we did on top of the hill up on Mason. And Landon was laid over on its side. And I remember you standing right there. I was so nervous because I wanted everything to go so smooth because we were having so much fun. And I knew one of the rules. I couldn't touch the car. So I don't know if you remember this or not, but Lennon had it in drive. He had the Bug in drive. He was laid on its side. But also, he was so stuck. He was high centered, and he was winching steering and driving all at the same time at five years old. Do you remember that or not? You were standing right over it. Yes, and he drove it himself and drove right out.


[01:09:28.770] - Christina Brown

And that's when Eugene was speaking. And I think Eugene was so shocked.


[01:09:33.570] - Wyatt Brown

Whenever he was announcing, yeah, Eugene was up there. But then right after that run, we went down towards the bottom of the hill, and we ran that course right there, and we finished with the negative score. And that's when we met the Mexico team. They were running the Sportsman C course, I believe. They're sportsman C, I believe. And Landon put up a better score than they did, and that was his second run ever. And so Axel Stammer come up I think that's how you say his last name axel came up, and he said, what are you all doing next weekend? And I said, well, we'll be back at home. And he's like, Well, I want you guys to come down, and I want you all to be in the unlimited off road expo. And I said, Okay. I don't know much about it, okay? I don't care. All you got to do is just get here. And so that's what we did. We ran your We Rock event, and then the very next weekend, we went down to the Texas Motor Speedway and landing, drove the course all around the infield there, the obstacle course they had set up.


[01:10:53.340] - Wyatt Brown

They had the big tutor, taught her he'd drive up on. Well, then next thing I know, we have a whole line of kids. The second day, we had a whole line of kids. And I asked Landon, how do you want to give them rides? And they were all cool with it. So here this little kid is out there giving I think the youngest kid we gave ride to was like 18 months. Gave this little 18 month baby, so to speak, ride through the obstacle course. I mean, he's used to his little brother riding with him.


[01:11:29.300] - Christina Brown

Anyways, I was just going through my photos. I think it was yesterday, looking at that, because we went to the Monster Truck yesterday. He had the video, and he said I would ask if they wanted to go slower fast. And that video, remember he said he wobbled his head?


[01:11:46.580] - Wyatt Brown

Yeah, there's a video on Christina. I think it's her page or my page, but Landon was explaining it. I mean, that way you want to go back and watch it or whatever. That's why I say that. But there's a video, and Landon would ask the kids when he get out on the course, he said, Hey, they have, like, a little rock garden set up and stuff. And Lamb would ask him, you want to go fast? You want to go slow? And the kids that wanted to go fast, he would pin it across the rocks and then stop on the other side, and he said, they'd be like a bobble head in there. They would bobble head. So, yeah, he did all that. Well, just in front of that or just to the side was the Max's trailer. So that's when I want to say it was robbie Warren with Maxis, was taking pictures and sending it back to whoever, because just after that is when we got hooked up with Maxis after that event. Excellent. Our plans were to run the We Rock events. In fact, we went to Pennsylvania with you guys that year, went to Tennessee, and then went to Farmington, and we've been with you guys ever since.


[01:13:01.050] - Wyatt Brown

2019 the start of it for us. And so we've just had one experience after the other. I mean, last year, we got to go to Vegas and see you guys for the Off Road Motorsports Hall of Fame.


[01:13:20.070] - Christina Brown

Before that, though, we felt like Landon was ready to get up I don't know how you would put it upgrade. Like his car. He's ready to move up. And so you made the new buzz generation.


[01:13:33.990] - Wyatt Brown

Well, yeah, that's so and so.


[01:13:36.190] - Christina Brown

His first event was going to last year.


[01:13:38.730] - Wyatt Brown

So Gunner riding around with Landon all the time. We competed in 19, competing in 20. And then I feel like we've changed the car so much with rear disconnects and different brake setups and tried to change so much on Sub Zero without completely tearing it all down and building a brand new one. And I didn't want to do that because I wanted to give that one to Gunner so he can learn. And so that's when dad mentioned, hey, let's use a Harley motor for the new one. And so I got to talk to some transmission guys, and they're like, we ran all the numbers on ratios and Rpm ranges for torque converters and everything, so to speak, and like, Yeah, it's doable. And so that's when Fundration started, was in 2020, and I tried to make it happen for mason, Texas event in 21. But I just didn't have all the parts. It wasn't done yet. I was still waiting on a few things. And so, Glenco, last year was when we got time to deal it.


[01:14:55.750] - Big Rich Klein

One of the things they'll say is, thank you for putting exhaust on it.


[01:14:59.950] - Wyatt Brown

You definitely will. Yeah. It was overpowering. Without a doubt. Yes, without a doubt. It was obnoxious. That's the only way I can put that word. It was so loud. But I don't know.


[01:15:22.500] - Christina Brown

And my mom's opinion with it. Harley's, they're being worked on either on a motorcycle or a rock crawler. Either way, they're being worked on all.


[01:15:33.150] - Big Rich Klein

The time, hardly ever running.


[01:15:36.030] - Christina Brown

Yeah. And so I like to give Harley people trouble. So Moya and I had a motorcycle. It was a victory.


[01:15:45.570] - Wyatt Brown

But yeah, I don't know. Personally, I will never own a Harley motorcycle. I won't right now on motorcycle. Yeah, but it's different. But what ain't different? But it is different. I will never buy a motorcycle Harley. Never. Every time he runs that thing, it's just kind of got me on edge. Just kind of like, Oh, please work. Please work. But I firmly believe now that after all the trouble we've had from because it wasn't designed for this, obviously, but the owners of the previous bike, we don't know what they did to it. It was just a whole list of things. But now I believe we firmly got it lined out. I mean, I believe we do. And by fact, we I mean, dad dad's always been my motor guy, always has been regarding motorcycles or full wheels or whatever. So Dad's got it lined out now, without a doubt. In fact, I think it proved itself last weekend at the We Rock event. I was so surprised I didn't have to turn one wrench on it other than Friday night. Somebody noticed. Linda's like, Hey, dad, the throttle's sticking. I'm like, what do you mean?


[01:17:17.730] - Wyatt Brown

And we practiced all right here in the house that week. Like that. Tuesday and Wednesday, we practiced right here, just on my flat grass because we got it running again, and we did a couple of changes. So we set up some courses just right here in the yard. So he needs to rear steering. Rear steering just go over it, basically. So when that throttle cable freight, I sent me into a big panic, and luckily we're able to get it repaired and we can line up for course one.


[01:17:47.490] - Christina Brown

We were at Gunners T ball game while you had to run back and get the yeah.


[01:17:52.850] - Wyatt Brown

So we unloaded that. We came up at Friday, we drove up with my buddy stepson up there to your trailer. Well, as soon as we got back to the race trailer, that's when Landon mentioned it to me. It's like they had my throttle sticking. And so, of course, me being me, I'm thinking, okay, it's not a big deal. We can just go pick it up. And so we gunner had a T ball game at that very same exact time. So we shot over there for it, and it was luckily right there in Glencoe where we're watching this Tball game. I'm like, still panicking. I'm like, no, I've got to leave, guys. I've got to go home, get the trailer and get that thing back. I got to fix it. So that's what we were doing on Friday night. Yes, it ran great all weekend. Didn't have one hiccup out of it. I didn't have to turn a ranch Saturday or Sunday off the trailer, and we're good. So now it's solid, I'm hoping.


[01:18:53.470] - Big Rich Klein

Let's talk about the hall of Fame. Landon was nominated as one of the finalists for an Impact Award, which is typically about young and coming people that influence the off road motor sports. And absolutely he's the youngest that's been nominated for one of those positions in rock sports. But that was really good. I think hopefully that's good for the youth sports, and hopefully we see you guys back involved with the hall of Fame.


[01:19:35.630] - Christina Brown

That would be it was a great first experience.


[01:19:38.710] - Wyatt Brown

In fact, when I got that text message from Barbara Rainey, I think it was Barbara that reached out to me first. In fact, I'm 99% sure it was. I thought it was a scam. She sent me a Facebook message on messenger and messenger text message, either one. But I thought it was a scam. Like I didn't know how to take it. Like, I was so shocked, so to speak. And so finally I called and talked to her on the phone, and then it was like, wow, okay, this is a flat out amazing. It's just not the rock crawling side of things. But it is the rock crawling, without a doubt, rock crawling stuff. But what was so amazing to me is people take notice in the stuff that we do as a family, so to speak. Like, I'm going to go off topic just for a second with that. We were at a Walmart one time, and right around Christmas, of course, we walk in and Landon mentioned to me seeing this tree with all the names on it. Dad, what's that right there? I said, well, son, that's an Angel Christmas tree. What are they doing with their names on it?


[01:21:00.170] - Wyatt Brown

I said, well, people go up, pick a name and go get that kid an item and give it back to Walmart. And that's how they get their gifts. Well, why do they do that? Well, they do that because sometimes there could be foster kids. They could be families that can't get their kids anything for Christmas. It could be a variable of things. And they said, Well, I want to do that. How can we help? And here's this little I think he was six at the time. Was he five or six? Because we've done it three years now. And he just turned nine, so it had to be five or six five or six five going on six or something. And so here's a little kid is asking to help, and, well, all right, if you want to do something like that, we got a pretty good following on Facebook and stuff. So I reached out to Shelby Martin with Two Mom's campground and asked her to get us on the Disney List for events and if they had a room for an event. So that's when the Subzero Toy Drive in December came about.





[01:22:05.170] - Wyatt Brown

And each year has gotten bigger and bigger and bigger. The first year, we didn't know what to expect, so we had a bunch.


[01:22:13.930] - Christina Brown

Of in the first year, we did it to land in school. The school already did a tree, because since it was our first year to do it, so the school already had the tree and the organization. So we had people word of mouth. And so we wrapped all the presents, organized them all. Wyatt, Christian, Landon all went and delivered the presents, and Christian gave them a family of free hand. And so the second year, we did all the boys that donated to the Disney children right there in Disney, since that's where we held the event in the third year, third year, we gave.


[01:22:53.920] - Wyatt Brown

It back to Disney as well.


[01:22:56.030] - Christina Brown

And so I think we might change it up again another.


[01:22:58.350] - Wyatt Brown

So this year, I mentioned it to Timmy early, right after right about earlier this year, I believe I mentioned it to Tammy about hosting it out here at the Cedar Canyon Ranch, hosting the Toy Drive out there this year and giving all the toys back to local towns and kids that need them. So we're going to do it again this year. We're changing the location.


[01:23:25.130] - Christina Brown

But Landon got to see an experience.


[01:23:28.250] - Wyatt Brown

Yes, by us. I'm going and dropping off the presents. Landon would carry them up to the door and hand them to the kids or the adults, whoever answered the door, landon would say, Here you guys go. This is from our toy drive. And so Landon got to experience exactly what he wanted to do by helping out.


[01:23:45.430] - Big Rich Klein

That's awesome. And to do that at such a.


[01:23:48.280] - Wyatt Brown

Young age, that was his vision. That's exactly what he wanted. When he looked at me and said, dad, how can we help? Then let's do it, that was what he wanted to do.


[01:24:00.800] - Christina Brown

That was strictly on him, and I absolutely loved it. I was in foster care, and so I was pretty proud of Landing for.


[01:24:10.490] - Wyatt Brown

Wanting to go down that route. That's what Barbara explained to me on the phone. She's like, It's not just the rock crawling and stuff. It's just what you guys are doing as a family that help other families, that help other kids. And being so young doing this kind of thing, it opens up other families to maybe get their kids involved as well.


[01:24:40.870] - Christina Brown

I just don't like to put a limit on my kids. I don't want to put that fear in them, and I just let them do what they and so I feel like kids are able to do what they can. So I don't know where I'm going with this part.


[01:25:00.750] - Big Rich Klein

No, I understand. It's great. And that's one of the things that I love about the hall of Fame, is that truly, anybody that's in the hall of Fame is there not only for what they've done on the course, whether they've won a lot or in business, that they've been a successful business person in off road, whether the media, whatever, but it's what they've provided the off road community as well. You could be the winningest person, but if you don't give back to the community in some way, it's really hard to get past the voting because it's not necessarily how great a person you are, but what you get. It's giving back. That's a very important part of it.





[01:26:07.650] - Big Rich Klein

I really think that you guys come from a place that is, you know, heart driven, and it's a great story. It really is.


[01:26:21.970] - Wyatt Brown

Thank you. Thank you. Rich.


[01:26:26.170] - Big Rich Klein

I noticed that when we were swimming at the little reservoir there in PONI, and Gunner, of course, is your evil kneeval, daredouble, Super Dave, whatever you want to call him, all wrapped into one. He's kind of, like, react first. Landon, he's more calculating, from what I can tell. Gunner jumping off and then where'd he go jumping off the tier. And we're waiting for him to come back up. And the water is fairly deep right there, and he'd come up with rocks or mud or something like that from the bottom. And it was like he just swam down to the bottom, grabbed whatever he could, and came back up. It's amazing where he's going and where the stories that you tell about him trail riding as well. The two kids, even though they are so much alike because of the upbringing, they are so different.


[01:27:38.850] - Christina Brown

Yeah, they are.


[01:27:40.200] - Wyatt Brown

Yes, without a doubt.


[01:27:41.990] - Big Rich Klein

So you're definitely going to have your hands full as they grow older, that's for sure.


[01:27:47.550] - Wyatt Brown

Yes, for sure. In fact, I was going to let Gunner now Landon started competing. Five going on six. Well, Gunner just turned five in May, so he's a year behind, but yet he's already that much further than where he's ready because he's rode with the brother the entire time. He's seen how things go. I mean, he knows how to do it, but he just don't quite have the leadness but yet. Pull the disconnect back, lock the brakes up, spinning around. He don't have that right on course set up. But, yes, we do practice at the house, and I was going to let him go, but just not yet.


[01:28:38.860] - Christina Brown

Gunner is full throttle, and he's got to calm down a little bit.


[01:28:42.490] - Wyatt Brown

Gunner? Yeah. He gets frustrated he's not scared to throw the hammer back on it.


[01:28:48.880] - Big Rich Klein

And him talking in the third person is absolutely it cracks me up.


[01:28:58.150] - Wyatt Brown

Yes. We got those headsets, and we're at that Twin Mountains down there. We went with two of our buddies, Roy Scooter and Brad, and Scooter is showing around this place at Twin Mountains. Well, Christina has got a headset on. I've got one. And Landon and Gunner, they're both in their own buggies, driving. Brad's leading away, roy's behind him. Well, Landing is behind Roy and Gunners behind Landon, and we're at the tail end, and we're just too long. And, you know, you can connect all four together. So we're in there riding Gunner. You need to go left. Silly Gunner. Yeah, like, he's just silly Gunner everything. He just talks to himself in third person all the time, like, really good. Here we are trail riding, and then you can hear him in there just singing and just doing his own thing, and it was really exciting.


[01:29:56.950] - Christina Brown

That was our first time to have all of us headsets. It's usually just Wyatt, and we had two spot.


[01:30:03.670] - Wyatt Brown

It's usually just me and Landon linked up and then Gunners trapped in the middle. Well, when we got the other set, then we could link them all together, and then it was just that much.


[01:30:12.480] - Christina Brown

More fun, because then I just heard everything they were saying, and I'm just following mine off.


[01:30:19.440] - Big Rich Klein

I could just see in the future, Gunner at NASCAR gets out of the car, and the microphone gets handed to him, and the reporter asks, well, tell us about your race. Well, you see, Gunner came in to turn one, and Gunner passed the field. And here I am. Gunner talking to you.


[01:30:44.650] - Wyatt Brown

Yeah, he does that a lot.


[01:30:49.750] - Big Rich Klein

That's so cute. That's awesome.


[01:30:52.220] - Wyatt Brown

A lot. But we have Tennessee coming up in a few weeks. We were kicking the idea of actually letting Gunner run that one.


[01:31:06.550] - Christina Brown

Well, we rented an airbnb this time of cabin, so mom and Dad's going to be able to go, and hopefully his dad, so we'll have everything. So mom won't be able to miss Gunner if he does run. So that was a big factor because prices are still so crazy right now.


[01:31:23.340] - Big Rich Klein

Oh, yes, absolutely.


[01:31:26.890] - Wyatt Brown

And I'm doing all I can to for sure make the event. I'm just hoping everything goes smooth from here to July. I'm here to that event, for sure.


[01:31:42.170] - Big Rich Klein

Well, excellent. And hopefully we'll see you guys in New Mexico as well for nationals.


[01:31:50.510] - Wyatt Brown

Yes, we will. For sure.


[01:31:52.930] - Big Rich Klein

Over the years, as the kids grow up, we'll expect to see them on the podiums as they move up in the classes and ranks and never worry about what other people are saying. Landon deserves to run in any of the classes that his buggy fits in. So it's I absolutely see no problem with that running in the Sportsman A, if guys don't like that, they're running against a buggy that's smaller than them, they can build a smaller buggy.


[01:32:27.150] - Wyatt Brown

That's very true. We're not that far shorter than anybody else.


[01:32:30.960] - Big Rich Klein

No, absolutely not.


[01:32:34.230] - Wyatt Brown

In fact, I'm actually wanting to lengthen it up just a little bit, but just to kind of give him that more vertical grab.


[01:32:41.560] - Big Rich Klein



[01:32:42.130] - Christina Brown

So our first time in Texas, that first event, Rich, was Landon in his own class because they protested him.


[01:32:52.410] - Big Rich Klein

We designed the kids buggies to be so the kids could compete against themselves. It really looked like looking at the internet and the interest of other parents wanting to build stuff for their kids, that that was going to take off and that was going to go in that direction where we could get kids started and competing at their own level. And that never really came to fruition. We had Jacks come out and race on the West Coast and then at Nationals, but they've moved on and are doing other things now. We really hope that there will be more kids that will follow your guys'footsteps and bring that together. Because I really think that while Landon, he's got the right mentality to compete against the adults, I don't know if that's something that a lot of kids could do. Landon's kind of an old soul that way, and he understands it's like the whole thing with the gift giving and the angel gifts while Landon is able to do it, I don't think that there's a lot of kids out there that could do the same thing. And so I'd really like to have that stepping stone for the kids.


[01:34:33.850] - Big Rich Klein

Because before we always said it would be twelve years old and that's where I felt kids were emotionally and physically ready to drive and where they could have the car control, they could strong enough to hold the helmets, not being fearful of what happens after a rollover, that kind of thing. And Landon has been through all that already and he's done very well. I mean, he doesn't fear the rollovers. He got right back up on the horse, you might say, and went after it after being in Pennsylvania.





[01:35:14.750] - Big Rich Klein

I allowed for him to move up and run in that Sportsman A because I felt he was ready to do that emotionally. And that you, Wyatt, as the dad and the spotter were there as well.





[01:35:32.530] - Big Rich Klein

So that's not to dissuade people from bringing their kids out and competing in the kids classes. I think that's a great place for them to start. And even if it means just running like an exhibition and running by themselves, I think that it's almost like not counting the goals or runs in Tball or in soccer, that kind of thing, and give the kids a chance to compete and get used to being in a competitive field before making them fear loss, losing and getting upset because of it. So that's one of the things I'd like to see more people get involved with. And you guys were on the forefront of that and of making that history, of being the youngest ones out there, the first out, and doing a great job at it.


[01:36:35.010] - Wyatt Brown

Thank you.


[01:36:36.990] - Christina Brown

That's what just made me nervous as parents were just going to throw their kids in it. You know what I mean? Like, Oh, here we go. And that was what made me nervous. I mean, not the parents. The kids actually was comfortable in their driving, their machine, what machine they had. And they were comfortable, right. So I just didn't want dad shoving kids in there you go.


[01:37:04.250] - Wyatt Brown

No, that's what Rich would control. Rich would go, hey, no, we're not going to allow that to happen.


[01:37:09.310] - Big Rich Klein

Right. Every parent that has a young child out there competing and we have a couple of them or that have come in and competed, and there's still some this year that are competing that are in full size buggies, that are built so that they can control everything, those kids and the parents I talked to ahead of time to make sure that they understand how this is going to work, because I don't want kids to be thrown to the wolves or proverbial thrown in the fire, you might say. I want them to enjoy the sport. I want them to grow up and appreciate the opportunity they had and not regret it. So that's something I'm really concerned about.


[01:38:09.810] - Christina Brown

You saying great words. Thank you.


[01:38:13.590] - Big Rich Klein

No worries. I take it. The rock crawling, the family, it's still going to continue, and we really appreciate you guys being out there and being such great examples.


[01:38:31.230] - Wyatt Brown

Thank you. Yes, that's my plan. As long as they're as long as they're having fun and wanting to wheel, and as long as they're having fun, that's my main goal. In fact, a lot of people can see it. This last weekend, in fact, on our Subzero racing page, I posted a picture of landing on C One. In fact, I was backing through a course and he had his lips kind of duck lift, I guess, so to speak, like he was just thinking he was in the zone. And I put a caption, this picture on there. Someone took that picture, but it was just him. So calm and relaxed and having so much fun.


[01:39:13.350] - Christina Brown

Why haven't I seen a change in him last weekend?


[01:39:19.810] - Wyatt Brown

Last week I seen a change in him. It was almost just night and day different. It was Tuesday before the rock crawling weekend. We were out there practicing in the yard and just the glow. I don't know how to explain it. It was just like somebody else overnight. It was a whole different kid. It's so weird, but it was he was able to just no problem, just think clearly. Grab his transfer case shifter, throw it the rear end of neutral, spin the front end around. Like he was getting all that, but he was having so much fun. It was just like a switch went on.


[01:40:05.050] - Christina Brown

He had that drive. I've seen it.


[01:40:06.950] - Wyatt Brown

Yeah, he had that drive last weekend.


[01:40:09.150] - Christina Brown

That he wanted it.


[01:40:13.190] - Wyatt Brown

That he was there. He wanted it. How did you feel? Were you ready to go, or you're.


[01:40:23.830] - Big Rich Klein

Ready to go lay the smack down on the adults?


[01:40:34.610] - Christina Brown

We're trying to.


[01:40:36.890] - Big Rich Klein

Yes, you sure did. And you pulled off a perfect course.


[01:40:40.850] - Wyatt Brown

Yes. Perfect score went to you told Grandpa about it too, didn't you?


[01:40:48.330] - Christina Brown

They were kind of zero backups.


[01:40:51.930] - Big Rich Klein



[01:40:56.430] - Wyatt Brown

Our goal Saturday, what was your goal.


[01:40:59.580] - Christina Brown

At the beginning of the before your competition? What was your goal for you and dad? To finish all courses without timing out. And you did that, too? Yes.


[01:41:13.470] - Big Rich Klein

Great. That's the way to do it. Set those goals.


[01:41:19.470] - Wyatt Brown

That was our goal. And then Sunday, with the point spread so close, we decided since we were on gate, up first for the gates, we decided to use no rear steer, no rear steering, and finished all the courses. And we did just that. Didn't we land them?


[01:41:42.010] - Big Rich Klein



[01:41:43.330] - Christina Brown

And that's what the drivers, I think, were saying, that you pushed the drivers to do what they didn't think they could do. They didn't think they could do the courses without rear spirit, and they were able to do it, too. So you're pushing the drivers, too?


[01:42:01.630] - Wyatt Brown

Yeah, we heard a lot of drivers and a lot of people saying that we were pushing them to do better because we were on top of it. Yeah.


[01:42:13.690] - Big Rich Klein

Excellent. Well, that's great. That's the way the sport should be. And to be doing it at such a young age is phenomenal. I want to say thank you so much for spending the time on a Sunday when you have so much to do around the house. And now that baseball season is over, and you don't have to go rock crawling for a couple of weeks, at least, competitively. So thank you for spending the time. I'll let everybody know that this was actually our second take, because the first take, I didn't hit the record button. And we talked for well, we talked for about an hour and ten minutes until I realized that we had not recorded. So we had to start over, and now we've done another hour and 44 minutes. At this point, of course, we'll edit it down a little bit. But I want to say thank you so much for spending the time, and also for you guys coming into our family. Our We Rock family has meant so much to us.


[01:43:24.130] - Wyatt Brown

Well, Rich, we wouldn't be there for.


[01:43:27.050] - Christina Brown

Giving Landon the chance to come and start this journey. It's been such a blessing for us, and we love it.


[01:43:33.160] - Wyatt Brown

Yes. Thank you very much for allowing this to our lives. But you're saying, bring them down to Texas, and that's where it all started. Thank you very much.


[01:43:45.100] - Big Rich Klein

No worries. And then we're looking forward to seeing Gunner on the courses as well.


[01:43:50.470] - Christina Brown



[01:43:51.970] - Wyatt Brown

Gunner is coming.


[01:43:52.880] - Christina Brown

Gunner is going to do Tennessee because Tennessee is one of our favorites. It's the night show, and I think it'll be great for guys.


[01:43:59.920] - Big Rich Klein

Lots of kids out there. Yes. Lyndon, thank you. You're welcome. All right, you guys have a great day, and we'll definitely see you in Tennessee.


[01:44:11.410] - Wyatt Brown

All right, sounds good. We'll see you guys soon. Thank you, Rich and Shelley, for everything again, and look forward to the future.


[01:44:17.810] - Big Rich Klein



[01:44:18.110] - Wyatt Brown

We'll be here.


[01:44:18.900] - Big Rich Klein

Excellent. Rock on.


[01:44:20.660] - Wyatt Brown

All right, thank you, sir.


[01:44:21.930] - Big Rich Klein

All right, bye.


[01:44:22.510] - Wyatt Brown



[01:44:23.360] - Big Rich Klein

Well, that's another episode of Conversations with Big Rich. I'd like to thank you all for listening. If you could do us a favor and leave us a review on any podcast service that you happened to be listening on or send us an email or text message or Facebook message, and let me know any ideas that you have or if there's anybody that you have that you think would be a great guest, please forward the contact information to me so that we can try to get them on. And always remember, live life to the fullest. Enjoying life is a must. Follow your dreams and live life with all the gusto you can. Thank you.