Conversations with Big Rich

The Darling of the Campbell Racing Royal Family, Bailey Campbell, on Episode 136

November 10, 2022 Guest Bailey Campbell Season 3 Episode 136
Conversations with Big Rich
The Darling of the Campbell Racing Royal Family, Bailey Campbell, on Episode 136
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Bailey admits to not being very interested in motorsports as a youngster, but once she got the bug, it’s been a steady rise to the top. It’s a great place to be for this girl!  A talented driver and a great role model for all, Bailey Campbell shares her interests with us on this episode. Give it a listen on your favorite podcast app.

3:53 – my dad told me I couldn’t race unless I got down to the shop and got my hands on some of the cars myself

15:42 – my Uncle Nick spotted for me and I accidentally ran him over

23:55 – my dad’s biggest thing was always throttle control 

33:25 – my favorite part is probably pre-running because you’re going at a slow enough pace to really see the terrain change

42:17 – I can’t believe how far they’ve come in technology and way they work with us

50:42 – I just have these main goals that I need to accomplish – the first is to be the first Queen of the Hammers

54:06 – I grew up with a never quit attitude

59:50 – every co-driver I’ve had, every spotter I’ve had, has taught me something new

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[00:01:46.860] - Big Rich Klein

On today's episode of Conversations with Big Rich, we have Bailey Campbell. She's a Rock Crawler, U4 racer, Rebelle rally driver, mother, wife, and the darling of the Campbell Racing royal family. Bailey, thank you so much for spending some time and talking about your history. A lot of it, I know, but I'm sure I'm going to come up with a bunch of surprises with this interview, so thank you.


[00:02:13.410] - Bailey Campbell

Hi, Rich. I'm honored to be on your podcast today. I've been listening to some of your episodes and I was wondering when I would get a call from you.


[00:02:24.210] - Big Rich Klein

Yes, you've been on the list, trust me. So let's start off right away. And I know the answer to this question, but maybe somebody doesn't out there. Where were you born and raised?


[00:02:37.560] - Bailey Campbell

I was born in Gilbert, Arizona, and I have never moved anywhere else and I probably never will. I love it here.


[00:02:45.230] - Big Rich Klein

Awesome. And you are? Now, I'm going to make a guess here. 23.


[00:02:52.340] - Bailey Campbell

No, 25.


[00:02:53.780] - Big Rich Klein

25. Oh, girl, now I'm really feeling old. Shelley and I were talking about this morning, and I said, she's 22. And Shelley says, no, she's got to be older than that. And I'm like, no, it can't be 25.


[00:03:12.070] - Bailey Campbell

I wish I was still 22.


[00:03:13.970] - Big Rich Klein

So you're young enough to where I can ask that question you never ask a woman her age, but you're young enough where it doesn't really matter. So let's talk about those early years in Gilbert. You grew up with an off road racing, rock crawling family. The first time I think I met you. You probably won't remember it, but I think you were swaddled at an event. So let's talk about those early years and what it was like growing up in Gilbert and being part of that racing heritage.


[00:03:53.160] - Bailey Campbell

Yeah, definitely. My dad started the rock crawling stuff before I was even born, so around 1995 is when he got really into it. I was born in 97. It really started with him taking my brother and I out to the rock crawling trails in Florence, Arizona, with all of his rock crawling buddies. And it was just an awesome environment to be around, especially growing up in the shop with him, doing all the fabrication work and watching him and my Uncle Nick build things together. My brother finally got into building things and it really sparked an interest for me. My dad told me I couldn't race unless I got down to the shop and got my hands on some of the cars myself and really started to learn about them. And then there's a parade here called Gilbert Days Parade, and it's usually in November. And it was so much fun because my dad would literally bring every single car and take it through that parade. And I was so jealous. I never got to drive one. It was always him and his friends. And my brother finally got to drive one himself and in the middle of the streets crawling over the tires on them and just putting on a good show for the whole town.


[00:05:05.110] - Bailey Campbell

And I just really fell in love with it and I didn't want anything else more than to get in one myself.


[00:05:12.140] - Big Rich Klein

So we'll get into your start in a little bit, but let's talk about young and going to school and what kind of student you might have been and where your interest lied at that time.


[00:05:28.790] - Bailey Campbell

Yeah, so I didn't show much interest through elementary school to junior high in the racing world. I kind of did my own thing that was more of my dad and my brother's area. Those mostly my mom and I doing our own things, like typical girls going shopping, getting our nails done. And then I did start going to the races more, and one thing that really got me interested was doing photography. So I got into that. I started getting all of the photography classes in high school and bought my first camera computer, and that was like my main thing. I started my own company called Bailey Campbell Media, and it's kind of I've pushed it away up to the side these days because I haven't had much time to do it, but photography was my thing. I was pretty much a straight A student. I'd say my least favorite class was science, like anatomy and making chemicals and stuff that I didn't have any interest in that but history and math. Oh, God, I love those classes. And honestly, I finished as many credits as I could so that my senior year, I only had to go to school for 2 hours, and then that was the end of my day.


[00:06:47.470] - Big Rich Klein

So did you were you able to do that because you took summer school as well, or were you traveling?


[00:06:55.560] - Bailey Campbell

I traveled full time in the summer for all the racing, and then I just kept my grades up and kept track of the credits that each class gave me. That would also cover a lot of the classes that I would have to take when I went into college, and I just got a ton out of the way early.


[00:07:12.500] - Big Rich Klein

Okay, so were you taking AP classes or just standard?


[00:07:16.560] - Bailey Campbell

I took a couple standard or I'm sorry, a couple AP, but mostly standard.


[00:07:20.750] - Big Rich Klein

All right. And when you were growing up, what did you want to become? Do you remember? That the first thing. This is what I want to do.


[00:07:31.340] - Bailey Campbell

Junior high, it was a veterinarian, and I loved animals at the time. My Aunt Karen got me into a lot of horseback riding, and I used to do gymnast with her, and she had me doing barrels and pole racing on her horses and stuff. So that sparked an interest with animals. But as time went on for school and stuff, I just got more involved with my dad and my brother, and that got pushed to the wayside, and I didn't take anything to pursue that.


[00:08:04.150] - Big Rich Klein

So while you were in high school, did you take any shop classes at all, like take off classes?


[00:08:12.170] - Bailey Campbell

I did. I would say that my high school shop class wasn't the best because the teacher, he had a lot of interest in showing kids how to weld and do woodworking and a little bit of working on vehicles. But my school, I don't know, didn't have quite the budget to really spark more interest in kids like it should have for something like that.


[00:08:41.990] - Big Rich Klein

I understand that they took the focus away from hands on type exactly. And put it more toward technology, right?


[00:08:53.450] - Bailey Campbell



[00:08:55.190] - Big Rich Klein

So then did you attend your senior prom and all those kinds of things as well?


[00:09:03.590] - Bailey Campbell

I think I went to two homecomings, and I dated a guy outside of school, and I didn't really have any interest in bringing him into the crowd that I hung around. I hung out with more of his friends, and he actually lived an hour away in a town called Kearny. And so I didn't really show much interest in going to the proms or anything, but my first two years of high school, I did go to homecoming.


[00:09:30.800] - Big Rich Klein

Okay, so how do you meet a guy that's from an hour away as somebody in high school?


[00:09:39.290] - Bailey Campbell

So I think his name is Eli, and he came down to the shop looking for a job here as a fabricator and to get his hands on some welding and learn more from my dad because he did follow my dad's racing career and then he ended up taking a job here and we started dating.


[00:10:00.210] - Big Rich Klein

Okay. I do remember Eli now. Okay.


[00:10:03.910] - Bailey Campbell

Yeah. And he pops around every once in a while and helps us out.


[00:10:09.500] - Big Rich Klein

Good. Awesome. So when you finally got a chance to come out and rock crawl, because I think that's what you did first, do you remember which event it was.


[00:10:22.790] - Bailey Campbell

A cortez. Yes, it was Congress.


[00:10:25.810] - Big Rich Klein

Yes, I remember cortez because that was while you were racing as well.


[00:10:30.170] - Bailey Campbell

Yes, it was Congress.


[00:10:32.690] - Big Rich Klein



[00:10:33.130] - Bailey Campbell

I remember doing it in my dad's unlimited buggy and trying to help him roll it over back over on one of the courses. That picture just popped up recently.


[00:10:41.690] - Big Rich Klein

Really? So you're out of the car trying to lift the car.


[00:10:45.620] - Bailey Campbell



[00:10:48.660] - Big Rich Klein

That's a lot of effort for such a tiny person.


[00:10:53.930] - Bailey Campbell

Yeah, I don't think I was doing.


[00:10:55.940] - Big Rich Klein

Much of anything there but being the crowd favorite.


[00:11:02.840] - Bailey Campbell



[00:11:03.730] - Big Rich Klein

Yeah, I think that you always have been that's the impression I've always got is everybody's always pulled for you. I mean, everybody loves your family, your brother and your dad and especially your mom, but you are, like I said, the darling of the royal family, and people really want to see you succeed.


[00:11:27.290] - Bailey Campbell

It's much appreciated. It really is.


[00:11:30.660] - Big Rich Klein

Do you ever feel that that's a lot of pressure?


[00:11:36.740] - Bailey Campbell

No, I don't feel much pressure in that aspect at all. My dad has always taught me, like, to be respectful and never take anything for granted. You know, he's taught me how to work for something that I really want, and I feel like I've done that.


[00:11:56.090] - Big Rich Klein

Right, because like you said earlier, he required you to come down and work in the shop before you got a shot at it.


[00:12:03.890] - Bailey Campbell

Yeah, exactly.


[00:12:05.290] - Big Rich Klein

And is that to prove that you really want it, or do you think it's to just give you the hands on so that you know what you have to do and maybe how the car handles better and all that?


[00:12:15.610] - Bailey Campbell

What do you think? I think it's both. I don't think he just wanted me to work on it to, like, put in my effort or whatnot, but to make sure that it's actually something I enjoyed doing. It was an interest not just quite a hobby, but something that I would want to keep going at. But then it also taught me the fundamentals of how the car works and little things to watch out for during a race. Like, oh, you need to watch your 10th. If the car feels this way or it's upset going through the Whoops, like, throttle it out. Don't get on the brakes right away. And that's also something that my co drivers have taught me tremendously.


[00:12:59.840] - Big Rich Klein

Okay, I know what the answer is going to be. I'm going to be disappointed. Which did you enjoy more, the racing going fast or the rock crawling?


[00:13:13.040] - Bailey Campbell

Actually, I truly enjoy the rock crawling.


[00:13:17.610] - Big Rich Klein

You just made my day.


[00:13:20.160] - Bailey Campbell

Really? I think because I started out and that technical stuff, oh, my God, I can't tell you how much I love it. That's one thing. At the Hammers and even our last race, they kept telling us there's going to be real rock courses. You're going to be winching. You're going to have to have technical stuff going on. And I was just so excited because I feel like that's what I'm good at, you know, I don't get frustrated. I just take my time. And one big thing was the throttle control that my dad taught us when we first started rock crawling. Don't make the car jerk a lot that even pedal with the throttle and the brake at the same time is important just to keep the car I don't even know the word. Just to keep it going and not mess up, basically.


[00:14:11.770] - Big Rich Klein



[00:14:12.320] - Bailey Campbell

But the rock crawling and the technical aspect of it has always been my favorite.


[00:14:17.560] - Big Rich Klein

I'm so happy to hear that. You've made me very happy. So let's talk more about the rock crawling then. I remember your dad spotting for you early on. Or was it your Uncle Nick?


[00:14:37.190] - Bailey Campbell

My dad started first.


[00:14:38.840] - Big Rich Klein

Right. And I can remember. One of the things that I always used to have to tell him was keep his hands off the car. He liked to hold the cage as you were driving or touch the tire while you were moving. And it was like, Shannon, you can't touch the car. And he didn't even know he was doing it.


[00:14:56.080] - Bailey Campbell

I know. I remember that. He was my first co driver and I loved him being my co driver. I'm sorry, Spotter, but I think because we work on the cars together around each other 24/7, we had that bickering problem. Like he said I should go one way and I thought I should be kind of throttling and going the other way. So he saw things differently outside the car as to what I was seeing inside the car. And as a spotter, I know he's there to help me.


[00:15:36.440] - Big Rich Klein

Right. So then who spotted for you after your dad?


[00:15:42.660] - Bailey Campbell

It was my Uncle Nick. And then so my dad was my first spotter in Congress and then we went on to Cortez and my Uncle Nick spotted there for me the first time and I accidentally ran him over.


[00:15:59.010] - Big Rich Klein

I remember that. And then I think that's when he decided not to spot any longer.


[00:16:03.920] - Bailey Campbell

Yes, that was his last one.


[00:16:09.660] - Big Rich Klein

When he's around the shop and you're moving cars, does he keep well out of the way still?


[00:16:15.890] - Bailey Campbell

No, I think we've gotten better. I think we're past that.


[00:16:18.860] - Big Rich Klein

Okay, that's good. I know you didn't mean to because that climb was a bump climb and kind of a blind area as you came up over the crest. And he was not in the right position either. Nick, so you hear this, nick, sorry, but I'm going to throw you under the bus instead of the other, but that's why we have communication, too.


[00:16:44.390] - Bailey Campbell

Yes, definitely.


[00:16:46.280] - Big Rich Klein

So there at Cortez, you got to drive both cars on the first day, and you were supposed to jump into the promod but wanted to stay in the unlimited. That surprised me. Why did you like the unlimited better than the promo?


[00:17:01.340] - Bailey Campbell

Well, I hate to bring it up, but actually, for that race, we had another conflict with another competitor who didn't see that I should be driving both classes for points reasons. So I chose to do the Unlimited because I was already farther ahead for the day and points. So I just stuck with the car that I thought would basically put me on the podium.


[00:17:30.910] - Big Rich Klein



[00:17:31.940] - Bailey Campbell

I tremendously enjoyed both classes, though. I would drive either one of those cars today if they were available right now.


[00:17:40.880] - Big Rich Klein

Anybody out there hearing that that wants to get Bailey back into crawling, all you need to do is find a car for yes.


[00:17:48.910] - Bailey Campbell

I'm down. I'm down. Brian said he would be my spotter, so let's go.


[00:17:52.820] - Big Rich Klein

There you go. Brian spotted me one time on the Rubicon up through the we were leaving Jeepers Jamboree, and I was following all the genre guys, and he was like, the last one in line. And those guys all had big tires, lots of horsepower, and on my Cherokee, I've got 35 and no horsepower. And we get the property line, and it's just a bunch of boulders, just everything's moving. And he kicked one rock into a hole, and then he goes, okay, drive it. Of course, it just drove went right up, but it was nice.


[00:18:32.010] - Bailey Campbell

Oh, man.


[00:18:33.740] - Big Rich Klein

Go ahead.


[00:18:34.480] - Bailey Campbell

Okay, go ahead.


[00:18:35.950] - Big Rich Klein

Let's talk about the rubicon.


[00:18:37.700] - Bailey Campbell

Yeah, so I went on the Rubicon for the first time with Brian a few years ago, and it was so much fun. We ended up taking his JL that we actually had just got done kind of putting together together, and that was really fun as well. And those trails are just something else with all those beautiful trees and the slab type rock, and it was so much fun.


[00:19:03.770] - Big Rich Klein

The vistas are incredible.


[00:19:05.590] - Bailey Campbell

They are.


[00:19:07.110] - Big Rich Klein

It's not a difficult trail as far as rock crawling trail goes, but it's still iconic because of the views and the distance. Yeah, right. And so have you done the Rubicon besides doing it during Jamboree?


[00:19:26.480] - Bailey Campbell

I have not.


[00:19:27.670] - Big Rich Klein

Okay. Jamboree, though, is fun. Would you agree?


[00:19:32.840] - Bailey Campbell

Yeah, no, it was a blast.


[00:19:35.390] - Big Rich Klein

I remember your dad coming up with his brother and your grandfather a number of times, and then I think your brother came up one time, but I never was up there while you were up there. But it's not for kids.


[00:19:54.810] - Bailey Campbell

No, not that weekend.


[00:19:57.440] - Big Rich Klein

Yeah, the following weekend is the family run, so anybody here? Go ahead.


[00:20:03.950] - Bailey Campbell

There was always something going on. You know, it was constant fun, for sure.


[00:20:08.080] - Big Rich Klein

Absolutely. And so for anybody that's never been on the Rubicon and would, like to experience it. I do recommend people go on Jeepers Jamboree for the first time on the con for just the simple fact that you get guided, you can learn where the actual trails at. There's rock rollers out there, and there's a heck of a party at the Springs while you're there for a couple of days.


[00:20:34.790] - Bailey Campbell

And I think registration opens up pretty soon, doesn't it?


[00:20:38.060] - Big Rich Klein

Yeah, I believe it does. I don't know if they do it right at the first of the year or earlier than that. I've been trying to get Sweeney on here for two years, and he wants to do it in person. And now that I'm stuck, not stuck in placerville, but now that I'm in placerville, I got to make that happen. So let's talk about the start of your racing career actually coming out and racing.


[00:21:05.840] - Bailey Campbell

So, like, dirt riot.


[00:21:07.670] - Big Rich Klein

Yeah, that's where you cut your teeth, right?


[00:21:11.080] - Bailey Campbell

Yeah, sure is. I think it was Colorado Springs was my first one in the solid axle car that was originally my dad's fishing rig. He finally said, all right, let's get this seat adjusted, get you some brake pedal extensions and throttle pedal extension so you can reach, and let's go try a first Dirt riot race. And I think we ran into some radiator problems. I don't even remember if we actually finished that race. But that was my first one and I haven't stopped since.


[00:21:50.460] - Big Rich Klein

I don't remember if that was the race where you guys showed up and didn't have a chance to pre run for very much. And I remember one time your dad took off and I don't know if it was just himself or it was you and him, but he ran the qualifier was going to be the very first beginning of the race track and then pull off. And he kept going and ran the whole thing.


[00:22:21.670] - Bailey Campbell

Oh my gosh.


[00:22:22.870] - Big Rich Klein

And I was like, we had to wait because of course he's coming around. And I was like, why did you do that? And he was like, well, I to needed learn the track. Well, that's not the time to do it.


[00:22:41.160] - Bailey Campbell

Oh, only my dad.


[00:22:42.620] - Big Rich Klein

Yeah. So one of the things that I noticed about you is that you're very smooth. You're not on and off the throttle as much herky jerky throttle as I've seen. A lot of the guys, they're just hard on into it, into a corner. They break hard and then their power out and they look like they're going really fast. But all of a sudden when you see those qualifying times, you were there. I noticed that in Moab was probably the first time I really paid attention to it because as you were qualifying, I was like, yeah, that's not going to hold up. That time wasn't very fast because you just look so smooth out there. It was just like you weren't on the throttle enough. And I think you ended up qualifying like second or third, and I was like, well, I was wrong there. Is that intentional or do you like to be smooth as fast? I believe. But is it what was taught to you? Because your brother certainly doesn't drive that way.


[00:23:55.940] - Bailey Campbell

Yeah, so my dad's biggest thing was always throttle control, especially with the rock crawling stuff. And then I think it kind of just carried over to anything desert as well. I think it also helped that he was in the co driver's seat for a lot of my first dirt riot races, and he was saying, you know, like, go, go, go, or like, slow down, slow down. And then his biggest thing was always give it finesse, always do finesse. And that would be coming out of a corner or going over a rock pile that might have been in the middle of the course or something like that. So it was definitely something taught, and it has stuck.


[00:24:39.360] - Big Rich Klein

I think that it's shown to work especially for you.


[00:24:43.490] - Bailey Campbell

Yeah. Like you said, it's new this fast.


[00:24:45.960] - Big Rich Klein

So let's talk about those races, the dirt, right? Races like moab. I know that that was a special moment by the by the time the awards came around, but talk about that race track.


[00:24:59.840] - Bailey Campbell

Moab has always been my favorite. I wish we raced there more often. The rock crawling combined with the miniature, like, short course jumps and stuff, I just feel like we've had so many memories there, so many problems and so many good moments that it's just always been one of my favorites. I wish I could remember more of my races there during dirt Riot, but definitely my favorite place to be.


[00:25:33.170] - Big Rich Klein

I think it was your first podium.


[00:25:35.320] - Bailey Campbell

It was, yeah, with my dad.


[00:25:37.120] - Big Rich Klein

Yeah. And your dad could hardly talk.


[00:25:41.760] - Bailey Campbell

I have the picture of him crying and hugging me.


[00:25:45.660] - Big Rich Klein

That was an awesome moment. And those are the moments that we live for, is seeing that especially we're not doing the dirt ride anymore. But with the rock crawls, we have a lot of young ladies and young kids out competing nowadays. I mean, I got kids as young as five years old out rock crawling now.


[00:26:05.360] - Bailey Campbell

That's so cool.


[00:26:06.640] - Big Rich Klein

It really is. One of the things when the parents call me and say, hey, I want to get my kids started, and I say, okay, first thing is who's spotting? And they'll say, well, I'm going to spot. And I said, okay, remember that if you yell at your kid, I'm yanking you out. Not your kid, but I'm yanking you out. You have to communicate but not yell. Yes.


[00:26:30.740] - Bailey Campbell

That's a great rule. I like that.


[00:26:33.890] - Big Rich Klein

It's from coaching sports, youth sports. I used to see coaches and parents yell at their kids, and the kids just shut down. And it's like, that's not the way to do it. So I wouldn't let people yell at their kids. I wish I could get that to happen between husbands and wives or boyfriends and girlfriends. There was a lot of that going on, too. The yellow, they're adults. They can figure that out.


[00:27:05.770] - Bailey Campbell



[00:27:07.410] - Big Rich Klein

So let's talk some more about the racing. When you finally got done with Dirt, right. I know your dad wanted to break you in. That's the whole idea behind what was behind her, right. Was giving a place for people to have a chance to learn how to go fast and to complete races. And then you guys then you started racing Ultra Four.


[00:27:33.250] - Bailey Campbell

Yep. So it went from we Rock, Dirt, Riot, and then straight into Ultra Four in the 4400 class. And as my dad always says, he's throwing me in with the wolf to learn how intimidating I mean, it's working, you know, I don't really find it very intimidating. I think having Ryan Miller as my co driver, he's always kept me pretty calm. And everybody says he talks your ear off, but not in the car. He's pretty quiet. He tells or he talks when he wants to or needs to, and he helped me figure things out. And now he always says, I barely talk at all because she just knows what to do.


[00:28:17.310] - Big Rich Klein

Right? That's awesome. I'm going to be interviewing Ryan today after your interview. And when I was communicating back and forth with him, I said, yeah, I'm going to be interviewing Bailey before you. And he goes, my Bailey.


[00:28:37.340] - Bailey Campbell



[00:28:38.300] - Big Rich Klein

Yep. Miller. He is quite the character.


[00:28:41.890] - Bailey Campbell

He is. Got to love him.


[00:28:45.040] - Big Rich Klein

So let's talk about until we get into specific races here, about you and Brian.


[00:28:55.340] - Bailey Campbell



[00:28:56.760] - Big Rich Klein

How did that all transpire?


[00:29:00.590] - Bailey Campbell

Let's see. I think it will be about I've already lost track. It's terrible about four or five years now that we've been together this November. And it's funny because it was one night at the Ultra Four awards banquet. He saw me on stage and leaned over to one of our good friends. We call him Hollywood, but his name is Dave Gilbert, and said, who is that? And said, I was very beautiful. And Dave has always really watched over me because, like, I'm his own daughter. He has two girls of his own, and he's like, that's Bailey Campbell, and kind of like, ringed in, like, don't you dare. And Dave actually ended up giving him my phone number. And Brian had texted me a few days later on our way to SEMA after the awards banquet. And we ended up meeting at a Fox party during SEMA and really hit it off. He took me out to dinner. We went out on the skyscraper and did the drop thing or the needle, whatever it's called in Vegas, right. And just been together ever since. He actually came down after SEMA to help us get ready for Baja and decided last minute he was going to go and help us pit.


[00:30:20.660] - Bailey Campbell

And, yes, we've just been together ever since, and I wouldn't change it for.


[00:30:25.750] - Big Rich Klein

The world so how many people did that same threat to Brian about you? I know I did.


[00:30:34.580] - Bailey Campbell

Oh, so many people. I was getting messages like, hey, I hope, you know I messaged him to let him know that if he hurts you, he's a dead man.


[00:30:45.810] - Big Rich Klein

How did that feel? Oh, it was your mom.


[00:30:49.640] - Bailey Campbell

I know.


[00:30:50.180] - Big Rich Klein

She smiled big time when I said it at the hammers when you guys walked up and I said, you know, hey, Brian, I've known you for a long, long time, which I have, you know, I've known him 20 plus years, but I was like, but this girl here is like a granddaughter to me, so don't mess this up. And he looked at me like, you know, I'm not going to.


[00:31:14.390] - Bailey Campbell

Yeah, it was funny to see how many people really have watched me grown up. And Brian, he's a little bit older, but, I mean, I don't look at it that way. It's just it's funny. He's been in our world, and I didn't really know much of him. I had never really heard of him, and he's literally been around that long and has just as many of the same friends together that I've known for years and grown up with.


[00:31:42.060] - Big Rich Klein

Right. Well, I'm glad you guys hit it off and things are working out for you. Yeah, I hope so. Now, you got kids?


[00:31:51.360] - Bailey Campbell

Oh, yes, our sweet little angel.


[00:31:56.010] - Big Rich Klein

And how old is she now?


[00:31:57.770] - Bailey Campbell

She'll be two in February. Her name is Emory, and she is just a firecracker. She's starting to really talk and pick up on things, and it's really been fun to see her really wrap her finger around Brian. Or wrap around Brian's finger.


[00:32:15.670] - Big Rich Klein

Yes. That's a thing that happens to dads with girls. It really does. So let's talk about going to Baja.


[00:32:29.160] - Bailey Campbell



[00:32:30.740] - Big Rich Klein

How did that transpire and you raced as well, right?


[00:32:35.760] - Bailey Campbell

Yeah, so I think that was my second time in Baja, and I finally got to do a race because the car hadn't finished. Oh, no, I'm sorry. That would have been my second time. And Brian went down with us my third time there and actually was my co driver, and we ended up taking second place.


[00:32:59.690] - Big Rich Klein

Excellent. And that was the Baja 1000?


[00:33:02.710] - Bailey Campbell



[00:33:03.380] - Big Rich Klein

Okay, so you've raced three times or two times in 1003 times. Three times. Okay, cool. And what class did you race? The 4400 class down there, or was it class one?


[00:33:16.750] - Bailey Campbell

No, 400. The hammer king unlimited.


[00:33:20.460] - Big Rich Klein

Okay, cool. And what do you think of BA?


[00:33:25.260] - Bailey Campbell

That place is amazing. My favorite part is probably pre running because you're going at not a fast enough pace, but a slow enough pace to really see the terrain change. It could be like this washy sand and then immediately go into this harsh gravel, and then there's just cactus everywhere out of the blue. It's just amazing how fast everything changes down there.


[00:33:54.890] - Big Rich Klein

Right. And what do you think of the people. Down there. Did you get a chance to interact with locals?


[00:34:00.740] - Bailey Campbell

Yes. We have a great guy who sets our hotels up and stuff. His name is Rodo and he puts us usually in hotels that are kind of in town to where we can walk around and really interact with a lot of the locals and see all the cool food places and try all the new things. So I think that was something really cool to interact with and whatnot right.


[00:34:29.840] - Big Rich Klein

What part of the race down there? I know the pre running is cool. I like driving back the race course after I've been down there helping teams or whatever, but what is it like on race day racing in that Baja 1000?


[00:34:56.010] - Bailey Campbell

I don't even know how to explain it. It's not like going to just your typical 4400 rates around here in the States. It's something you have to really prepare for and have tons of checklist. And once you get down there, like, a little bit of weight drops off your shoulders. And then finally, when race morning or race night, whatever time you're going, it's kind of just you feel relieved that you're finally in the car and it's still in one piece and you're moving. And then your main goals are just to keep it together so that you get to the finish line. Because that's one of the biggest things in Baja, finishing 1000, no matter what place it is.


[00:35:40.300] - Big Rich Klein

Right. Like they say, you have to finish first before you can first. You have to finish before you can finish first. Right. And crossing that finish line is always the goal in a race that's that long. And what was it like having Brian copilot for you down there?


[00:36:04.040] - Bailey Campbell

It was a very long race, and I can tell you that we only bickered once and it was 50 miles before the finish line. And because our GPS stopped working, he couldn't tell me when the turns were coming up at a certain time that he liked, and he thought I was going too fast into the corner and needed to slow down. But that was like the only time we argued. And it's just funny telling that story because I feel like Brian and I, we clash very well and we can read each other's minds as well as Miller's, and we all know what's going on, no matter what seat we're in.


[00:36:43.000] - Big Rich Klein

Excellent. So when you're 50 miles from the end and you're thinking about you're that close, what's going through your mind as you're getting closer and closer to that finish line?


[00:37:00.070] - Bailey Campbell

Oh, I cried. My eyes were watering. And it's just a huge accomplishment in its own because the two years prior to that, we hadn't finished because we had issues with the car, and it was always before I was actually getting in the car to do my part of the race. So it just made it that much more emotional to finally be crossing the.


[00:37:21.550] - Big Rich Klein

Finish line, and in that last so you ran the last leg. Did you have a chance to get a lot of passing in? Maybe not within your class, but maybe other classes?


[00:37:34.840] - Bailey Campbell

Yeah, we we did did I couldn't tell you what classes we passed, but, yeah, there was still quite a few people moving in front of us that we did end up passing.


[00:37:44.460] - Big Rich Klein

And what's it like passing down there? Because I know that the trails that they put you on, roads or whatever you want to call them, they're not necessarily really wide and find, like, the silt beds, which gives them miles wide. So what was it like trying to get around people?


[00:38:03.360] - Bailey Campbell

It was a little sketchy, I can tell you that. Coming in on the farm road, where we also have speed limits, and then it would be wide open and then go back into speed limits. You only have so much time to pass, too, so you really had to watch on the GPS where you had those openings, and it could get a little sketchy. And especially, we were racing the last like, that was daylight. There's still a lot of spectators out, and that was the biggest thing that I was always worried about, and still am, was always hitting a spectator.


[00:38:39.140] - Big Rich Klein

Right. Because one of the things my first time down there, I was with BFG and working one of their pits, and we were expecting the motorcycles that already come through. We were expecting the trophy trucks at any time, and we were near Caterina, and they're in a canyon, and they come out toward us on the road to fish camp, and we see all these lights coming, and it's like, all right, here come the trophy truck, man. They're a little early. And it happened to be a bunch of the locals in a pickup truck with big high powered flashlights and lots of lights on their pick up truck. But there was, like, four people in the cab and eight people in the bed of the truck going down the.


[00:39:32.960] - Bailey Campbell

Racetrack oh, my God.


[00:39:34.900] - Big Rich Klein

At night. And after they passed, probably ten minutes later, all of a sudden you see it looked like a city coming through the canyon, and it was the first trophy truck. And I was just absolutely amazed at how much difference the light was with those guys with all the race lights on. But all I could think about was, I hope those guys in that pickup truck get off course.


[00:39:59.950] - Bailey Campbell

Yes. Oh, man.


[00:40:02.230] - Big Rich Klein

And it's pretty crazy down there with, you know, I don't know if they if the locals creating the booby traps is still a thing. I haven't heard so much about booby traps lately, but I'm sure they're still out there.


[00:40:21.560] - Bailey Campbell

I haven't either. And, you know, my dad and my brother my dad has raised Baja way back in the day with my Palmer, and so he was aware of all that stuff, and I know he really taught my brother himself when they went down for the first time, like, what to watch out for. And then finally when I decided that I wanted to go and try it, my mom and him were both very worried about me going down there. So we had JT. Taylor knew a guy down there. His name is Javier, and he was basically my bodyguard for the two weeks that we were down there. And he made me aware of all the booby traps and what could go wrong if you were broken down on the course. Like, as soon as you break down, you radio us and tell us so that we can come pick you up because you don't know where you're at, per se. There could be what they call bambitos or something like that down there, or some random truck could just come by and try and take you. And there's certain things that you need to know about before you go to Baja, especially being a young girl right now.


[00:41:30.290] - Big Rich Klein

I can remember being down there with Jesse Combs when she came down with Pistol Pete, and I was helping Pete out, and same thing. We just kept telling her, you don't go wandering off by yourself. One of us has always got to be with you when we're around in town or anything like that, just to be safe.


[00:41:53.210] - Bailey Campbell



[00:41:55.340] - Big Rich Klein

So then let's talk about your marketing partners and some of the things that you had going that were a little different than just, say, regular automotive type things. Okay, so discuss some of your partners.


[00:42:17.990] - Bailey Campbell

So our biggest partner is Monster Energy. My dad's been with them since, I think, 2008 and has been with them ever since. And he kind of just carried us over onto his contracts. And my brother and I have been with them, I think, since 2015, and they've been great. One of our biggest sponsors. And then we've been with Fox forever since I started racing. I can't believe how far they've come in technology and the way that they work with us and the time they're willing to give us at each race is, hands down, the best race support ever. Our biggest thing is tuning our cars before Koh and at the races. So when they come out to a race, it's really helpful when they're able to help us set up the car and give us a little insight on Valving and spring changes. Mike Kim has been a big part of that, as well as Matt Taylor. And then I have my own shop guru in the car with me all the time, Ryan Miller, and so he's constantly changing tubes and my preloads and ride height and whatnot. And I'm still trying to learn it all.


[00:43:37.970] - Bailey Campbell

It's a lot. It is a lot to mess with. So Fox Shocks has always been a big supporter as well. Someone new that we have brought on is Evan weller, racing and he's currently started rebuilding all of our front and rear differentials motive. Gear has always supplied the gears and whatnot, but Evan Weller's team has been building them this year, and we haven't had any issues. So it's been really nice to finally be a point of contact with somebody to ask them questions like, hey, why is the rear end doing this? Or why is the front diff not walking up correctly? And they are instantly there to support us and get it rebuilt and sent back out. Who else is there? Anzoyl has always been a big supporter as well, giving us our fluids. There's so many rich. There's so many, and I just can't.


[00:44:32.650] - Big Rich Klein

Think of talk about your not the team.


[00:44:36.740] - Bailey Campbell

Oh, okay.


[00:44:38.540] - Big Rich Klein

Do you have a clothing company?


[00:44:41.240] - Bailey Campbell

Oh, yes. Off the grid.


[00:44:43.270] - Big Rich Klein

There you go.


[00:44:46.490] - Bailey Campbell

Off the Grid has started a women's line. And last year before I got pregnant, they came and fitted me for their first women Kestrel pants and as well as the Daily Flannel. And that has really taken off. They are a pant that is for basically anything daily wear offroad use, fishing in the shop, working on them. They're just a really durable pant that any woman that's wanting to get them dirty and not get skinned up or rip them or anything like that, they're really cool, and I love them. The Bailey flannel is also the same way he made Josh Patterson. He made them to where they're meant for daily use and getting, like, in the rough, I guess, phishing and whatnot.


[00:45:42.980] - Big Rich Klein

Okay, excellent. Are there any others that are, like, specifically for you that you have marketing partners? No, that's okay.


[00:45:50.770] - Bailey Campbell

No, it is all team.


[00:45:53.090] - Big Rich Klein

Excellent. Let's talk about the rebel. Okay, so how did that come about where you said, okay, I got to go do this.


[00:46:05.910] - Bailey Campbell

So ARB, one of our sponsors, actually came to me because one of their employees wanted to take part in it, and they suggested having somebody that ran their product in the racing world be teamed up with them. So my teammate was Kendra Miller, and I miss her. I haven't seen her in a few years now, but we met over an email saying, hey, would you be interested in doing the Rebel, emily Miller, who's putting on this event? And we think it'd be really cool if you guys took one of our prepared Jeeps out of the fleet and took it to the rally. So that's how that started. It was really funny and just kind of out of the blue. Kendra is just she's hilarious. Even over an email, she would ask me what my favorite snacks were, what's something that nobody else knows about me, and we would just email each other's stuff, random things back and forth just so we could get to know each other before we met in person. And I ended up picking up our first Jeep that we did the rallying at Off Road expo and pomona and brought it home with me to kind of go through and put the equipment in for the rallying.


[00:47:27.380] - Bailey Campbell

Just get it ready and start packing. It finally kind of flew down and we met for the first time and we really hit it off.


[00:47:37.710] - Big Rich Klein

And what did you think of the rally, the format and how it was put together for you ladies?


[00:47:46.340] - Bailey Campbell

I think it was very well thought out. Emily Miller, she doesn't do anything that she's not super confident in. She always thinks the highest and doesn't miss one step. Everything just seems to be really perfect. And she, I think, has really planned the rally out and just made it so much fun, but technical and willing to do over and over again.


[00:48:19.260] - Big Rich Klein

And how many times did you get a chance to run it?


[00:48:22.150] - Bailey Campbell

I've done it twice.


[00:48:23.530] - Big Rich Klein

Twice. Do you expect that you'll be able to get back out there sometime?


[00:48:28.640] - Bailey Campbell

I really hope so. The last two years it has overlapped our Nationals race to where I wouldn't be able to make it back in time. So I haven't been able to do it. But hopefully next year we can find something to compete in.


[00:48:42.940] - Big Rich Klein

Yeah, it's a little later next year. The date.


[00:48:46.120] - Bailey Campbell

Oh, did she already released the dates?


[00:48:47.890] - Big Rich Klein



[00:48:49.560] - Bailey Campbell



[00:48:50.200] - Big Rich Klein

Yeah. In fact, let me see here. I can do this here. I can figure this out on my phone. It always amazes me. I can talk on the phone plus use it to look things up. I'm old school. Meaning I'm old. Yeah. The gala will be on the October and it will start like the twelve or 13, something like that, I think. Okay, so it's a lot earlier this year. Instead of being that first week, it will be like the second 3rd week.


[00:49:33.060] - Bailey Campbell

Cool. Alright, well, I will start looking into that.


[00:49:35.780] - Big Rich Klein

I'm not sure of what the Ultra Four Nationals are going to be like this next year, but hopefully it works out.


[00:49:43.010] - Bailey Campbell



[00:49:44.310] - Big Rich Klein

And if you go again, do you have an idea who you want to be your partner?


[00:49:50.240] - Bailey Campbell

Well, we'll always go to Kendra first to see if she's available. I think we know how each other works now as far as navigating and driving and the way we navigate together. And I think we were just a good combo.


[00:50:07.940] - Big Rich Klein

And then you have her husband. I can't remember his name right now. He is a hilarious guy on there. I know as a team manager putting up the postings and stuff, I never get to see him until afterwards most of the time because I'm out there. But it's pretty hilarious.


[00:50:31.150] - Bailey Campbell



[00:50:32.840] - Big Rich Klein

So let's talk about the future for Bailey Campbell. What are your dreams and aspirations?


[00:50:42.660] - Bailey Campbell

You know, at the beginning of the year, I actually have the notes section in my phone and I just have these main goals that I feel like I need to accomplish. And the first one being to be the first Queen of the Hammers, of course. And then I would love to Iron Woman the Baja 1000 at some point. And then I'd really like to travel overseas for just maybe, like any type of racing, whether it be Dacar, a rally of some sort or an ultra four series on that side, but just something different. I'm ready to try something new.


[00:51:25.110] - Big Rich Klein

Have you approached Monster with that? Because I know they do a lot of stuff overseas.


[00:51:29.410] - Bailey Campbell

I have not just kind of. I think Monster has their own division on the European side, so I've never really gone forth with that.


[00:51:40.460] - Big Rich Klein

Okay. And what about besides the racing career? I know you guys got into a house and got it remodeled and all that kind of stuff. Are you planning on more kids or is one of the enough? What's the goal there in motherhood? You're still young at 25.


[00:52:01.410] - Bailey Campbell

One and done. I am good with one little girl. I am so good. And I think Brian is on the same page. We're having fun, and we just can't wait to teach her all kinds of stuff. I think she's going to have a very broad verizon of like, racing and camping and fishing, but shopping with her grandma. She's just going to learn so many things, and I couldn't take the attention away from her and have another kid. I can't do it, and I just don't want to have any more kids. I think I'm good.


[00:52:43.260] - Big Rich Klein

Excellent. There's nothing wrong with that. One and done is fine. I'm an only child, so I didn't mind.


[00:52:52.280] - Bailey Campbell

Okay. Everybody tells me, like, oh, no, you can't make her be an only child. And I disagree with that. I think if you teach them things and you're with them there as they grow up, it's different.


[00:53:06.060] - Big Rich Klein

I agree. As long as they're not being left alone.


[00:53:12.260] - Bailey Campbell



[00:53:14.160] - Big Rich Klein

And you guys have a really big extended family. That's one thing about Campbell's. I mean, I'm always amazed when I come down to the shop where there will be people working and I'm like, you guys got employees? Oh, no, they just came down to help you come out to the races, and there's 25 or 30 people there that are just doing whatever needs to be done. You guys have really attracted a great group of people, and that's a testament to not only your dad and your mom, but to you and your brother and everybody else, because those people that are showing up to help are getting younger and younger as well.


[00:54:00.510] - Bailey Campbell

We've been blessed with a huge family, and I'm very thankful for that.


[00:54:06.660] - Big Rich Klein

So last but not least, let's talk about the year that we all thought you were going to win. You popped up there all of a sudden. I mean, you were running at the top and everybody that led the race was for some reason, dropped out, and then you passed a lot of people. But talk about that race and what happened and how I know it was disappointing because if you're in the lead like that and you're just cranking it along but go ahead and talk about that if you would.


[00:54:43.820] - Bailey Campbell

Yeah. Every time it gets brought up, I get a little bit emotional and it makes me cry a little bit. So it was the year before I got pregnant with Emory, and I felt so ready, and the race was going perfectly. We started that morning, didn't have one issue, nothing was going wrong. We didn't have any flats. We didn't have to get out of the car one time to winch or for Miller to spot me through the rock trails. We just kind of kept hearing over the radio. Like. The leader kept dropping down. Chopping down. And finally we actually came up around the corner to go down resolution and into backdoor. And we saw Jason Sheer. The leader at the time. Was pulled over and he was standing on the roof of his car waving me on. As well as Jason Burger in the front waving me on because they knew. They knew I was the new leader. And I think Miller and I both ball their eyes out a little bit in the car. And then we went across I can't remember the name of the lake bed, but it's on the far inside getting ready to go through all the rock trails again.


[00:56:03.290] - Bailey Campbell

And my water pump pulley gave out and cracked and there was no way to fix it. We were stopped there, I want to say, for about a half hour before the next guy, Cameron Steele, passed us to take the lead, and he literally broke right on the other side of the mountain after that. And it was just all you could do is just sit there and think, like, why? Like, what the heck? Did it really just have to happen? But I grew up with the never quit attitude. So Miller and I radioed into the pits to find out where my dad was at, and he ended up bringing out a new water pump, and we got it fixed on the trail and we got moving again and we ended up finishing 20 seconds still.


[00:56:58.860] - Big Rich Klein

That was awesome that you guys were able to finish.


[00:57:01.510] - Bailey Campbell

Yeah, it was still a huge accomplishment in itself because we didn't just stop and quit and think, we're stranded out here. Our days over, we kept trying to figure out a way to get the card to the finish line, and it just made it that much better.


[00:57:21.260] - Big Rich Klein

Right. And have any of the other races felt since then that you had a really good shot at it?


[00:57:32.610] - Bailey Campbell

The one year that I finished fifth with Terry Madden as my co driver, that day was perfect. I know the leader was way ahead of where we were at, but that race was just going so well, and it just felt really good.


[00:57:51.590] - Big Rich Klein

And what have you learned from your navigators, especially for something like King of the Hammers, which I would imagine also translates over to Baja.


[00:58:04.040] - Bailey Campbell

Yes. So every co driver has been different. And I've been asked this question a lot lately. I have Miller, my rock crawling guru, I love it because he loves the rock crawling too. And it's just so technical and fun between both of us. And then I had Terry Madden, who was great in the desert. He taught me where to pick up the pace and where to knock it down a notch when I was getting out of hand or the car wasn't settling right. He kind of just kept me on my toes a lot and he helped me finish a lot of my races. My dad always was, keep your finesse, don't break the car early. Like keep that attrition to where you're going to make the car finish. My brother's even been my co driver a couple of times and he was more so. Him and Brian were more so about helping me figure out when I needed to shift. Because a funny fact, ryan Miller and Terry Madden both had to shift for me for the longest time in my followed axle car because when I was first learning, I didn't know how to listen to the RPMs and when to shift and when to downshift, when we're going into a rock section and whatnot.


[00:59:27.200] - Bailey Campbell

So that's always something really embarrassing to tell because I felt kind of helpless when that was going on. But then they finally said, okay, you need to figure this out. It's a little hard shifting from the passenger seat for you. We had it down, we had a good system going.


[00:59:48.440] - Big Rich Klein

Now they've added something else to your plate.


[00:59:50.980] - Bailey Campbell

Yes, but that was always fun. So Brian and my brother, they always helped me more so inside the car in that way, the shifting aspect, because Brian is very good at short course, my brother is also very good at it. They had a lot of experience with that type of racing and I think that helped me a lot. So every co driver I've had, every spotter I've had, has taught me something new.


[01:00:20.530] - Big Rich Klein

Okay, so I remember talking to you and saying, once your dad gives you some real horsepower going, you're to really start kicking it into another gear. You finally graduated to the bigger motor and a real car. You got rid of that straight axle car that you were driving, which was a beautiful car, but they gave you you got into the big car. Was that the year the bigger motor? Was that the year that the water pump went out broke?


[01:00:59.010] - Bailey Campbell

No, I had that car a year before that.


[01:01:04.330] - Big Rich Klein

Okay, what was it like when your dad said, okay, you get to get a bigger motor now?


[01:01:13.860] - Bailey Campbell

It was really a whole new learning curve. And the first race I actually had in that car was a short course race. So it made it even worse because I was kind of expected to basically use all of the motor on a short course race where you hang it out and really put the pedal to the metal, but the whole goal was just to make that car finish for that race and get all the bugs out and whatnot. It would be weird going back to a smaller motor now.


[01:01:50.760] - Big Rich Klein

That's good to hear. Hopefully that never happens.


[01:01:53.530] - Bailey Campbell

I hope not.


[01:01:54.910] - Big Rich Klein

Unless you come out rock crawling because you don't need that kind of motor. Rock crawling?


[01:01:59.000] - Bailey Campbell



[01:02:01.110] - Big Rich Klein

So I guess the last thing, the last thing I want to hear is what you personally think of all of the racing and being a woman in motor sports and being, you know, somebody that people know is going to be a challenger at the races. There are some people that will always be that back of the pack, but that is rarely thought of as any Campbell being at the back of the pack and you being the princess of the family, which is a good thing. Okay. Like you said, you don't want to be that first queen of the rocks. What do you think of all that?


[01:02:55.340] - Bailey Campbell

That's a good question. I say this every time somebody brings up being a female in motorsports, and I'll keep saying it because it's true. And my dad has always taught me not to be or not to throw, basically the girl card. I've grown up around all these guys and I feel like I've gained the respect and have really worked for where I'm at now. And I just feel like I'm like'any other person out there, whether it be a guy or another female. And I just really think if you're going to be in a sport like this, it's fun for it to be a hobby, but if you really want it, you need to work for it. You know, learn your car, get to know the people around you and build a friendship inside that community. Like my family has an ultra four Durai and we rock in past series.


[01:04:08.160] - Big Rich Klein

Yeah, I agree. Do you feel that? I think you're a great representation and a model for a lot of young ladies out there that may be interested in racing. And does that ever cross your mind when you're walking through the pits or through the spectator area?


[01:04:33.510] - Bailey Campbell

Oh, yes. I love all the little girls that come up to me. I actually had one in Sturges and it's Paul Horschel's daughter. She is the sweetest little thing and she loves to hang all over me and she's so goofy. And any time I walk past a little girl, I'm like, I'm so glad your parents brought you out here to just even see the race. If they're not interested, just to hear that little bit of horsepower going around the course, it might spark an interest somewhere down the road. And if I say hi, to them. Maybe it'll give them even more interest and just make their day.


[01:05:16.260] - Big Rich Klein

Excellent. Well, with that, I would like to say thank you so much for coming on board and spending some time and talking to us and letting your fans and rock sport fans out there know a little bit more about Bailey.


[01:05:36.960] - Bailey Campbell

Thanks, Rich. I hope I answered all your questions.


[01:05:39.580] - Big Rich Klein

Oh, absolutely, absolutely. Here's one. Is there anything that you want to ask me? I know that's a hard thing to throw at you at the last second without you thinking about it, but is there any question you've ever wanted to ask me?


[01:05:56.990] - Bailey Campbell

Where is your favorite place to host a rock crawling event?


[01:06:02.540] - Big Rich Klein

That's a tough one.


[01:06:04.430] - Bailey Campbell

There's a lot.


[01:06:05.680] - Big Rich Klein

Yeah, there is. And I'd have to break it down into a couple of different spots. Donner Ski Ranch is one of those places that even though it's so hard to put an event on there because of the elevation and getting the spectators up to the event side area, it is just so beautiful and the rocks are so extreme that it's a great place for a competition. You have Cedar City, which is the ease and access to great rocks, is just so incredible. You're close to town. It's all right there. Farmington, it's big. It's spectator friendly. It can put the fear into even the staunchest best drivers. When they look at you're 60ft above the surface of the I mean, you're on a rock face at 60ft above ground, the flats. And then there's places like Dayton, Tennessee, where the crowds at night and under the lights is just incredible. So it's really hard to pick one, but for each one of those reasons, those are probably the four favorite. I wish that people could get out and see more of, like, category rocks out in Mason, Texas. I mean, incredible. It's like Cedar City and Moab Moab and Farmington all wrapped up into one in a small park setting, but it's a place out in the middle.


[01:07:47.680] - Big Rich Klein

You're an hour and a half from any big city, so it's a little harder for people to find out about and get to, but it's a place that's dear to my heart as well. So there you go.


[01:07:59.360] - Bailey Campbell

I love it. I love it.


[01:08:01.340] - Big Rich Klein

All right, Bailey, you take care, and I can't wait to see you again. And hug that little girl Emery for me, and we'll talk again later.


[01:08:12.380] - Bailey Campbell

All right. Sounds good, Rich. Thank you.


[01:08:14.510] - Big Rich Klein

Okay. Thank you, Bailey. Take care.


[01:08:16.700] - Bailey Campbell

Bye bye.


[01:08:18.740] - Big Rich Klein

Well, that's another episode of Conversations with big Rich. I'd like to thank you all for listening. If you could do us a favor and leave us a review on any podcast service that you happen to be listening on or send us an email or text message or Facebook message, and let me know any ideas that you have or if there's anybody that you have that you think would be a great. Guest. Please forward the contact information to me so that we can try to get them on. And always remember life to the fullest. Enjoying life is a must. Follow your dreams and live life with all the gusto you can. Thank you.